How we know disinfectants should kill the COVID-19 coronavirus

Since launch, The Everest Foundation has focused on helping change the future of medicine. By helping with funding and research in several specific fields, it made perfect sense for them to get involved with the COVID-19 pandemic. Funding put together by Dr. Michael Everest for front line works and other related areas have already helped tremendously, and more additional help is on the way.

A Change Of Focus

No one could have predicted the impact that COVID-19 would have on the entire world so quickly. The Everest Foundation, as well as its founder  Dr. Michael Everest, had to shift its focus quickly. It was not much of a change for a foundation always helping with medical advancement and technology. Still, help is needed in so many different ways that it was hard to identify what route made the most sense.

Michael Everest talked to several medical leaders not only in the Los Angeles area but nationally as well. He wanted to devise a plan that would make the most sense to help out as many as possible. When donating large amounts of money, making sure it goes to the right places maximizes its effectiveness. Instead of having ample time to make decisions, as usual, most COVID-19 decisions need to be made expeditiously.

Helping The Front Line

In just a matter of weeks, healthcare front line workers found themselves stressed in several different areas around the world. The major cities felt the crunch particularly hard, and that included the greater Los Angeles area. Everest quickly concluded that The Everest Foundation could help front line workers, and that made the most sense.

Many front line workers during the peak of the COVID-19 pandemic were making huge sacrifices that in turn made them a little more vulnerable. That meant for some, going home was not the same as before. They had to go home and isolate to avoid spreading the coronavirus to loved ones. They were also working long hours and feeling the pressure of severe cases, putting people at risk.

Even something as simple as bringing in temporary workers to help out with the influx of cases was too much for some locations to handle in the beginning. It created a mess and getting help became necessary. There were different solutions available, but The Everest Foundation focused on a few areas for specific donations.

The Everest Foundation initially made donations to medical facilities in hotspots states such as ground zero in the Bronx, New York, Miami Florida, Chicago, Illinois, and Los Angeles, California. They have continued to focus on different areas that the foundation has connections with as well. They are also open to hearing about other specific organizations helping with the front line that might need assistance down the road. They are mostly relying on tips from others if they know of anyone in particular need.

Helping Fight COVID-19 For The Foreseeable Future

The shift in focus for The Everest Foundation is temporary to a certain degree, but the non-profit is seeing the pandemic through before going back to normal. That means the focus financially revolves around any company or organization facing COVID-19 related issues. Dr. Everest believes that this is the right move for everyone involved at this point.

A team effort is always something that makes sense when something out of the norm pops up. Medical issues can come and go, but a pandemic like this happens once in a generation. It was the right move for The Everest Foundation to decide to help out in as many ways as possible. A lot of other people and organizations involved in the medical field are shifting their focus and helping out in other ways during the pandemic.

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