Online slots are the games which are operated by computer. In online slots, users can find all types of online casinos. Playing in online slots is quick and easy to play. Players can have loads of fun in these online slots. Players are given additional features, bonuses, and many more in line slots which will increase and boos up their fun. Players are provided with slot machines to play online casinos. Anyone can play these casinos at any time. online slot machines gained a wonderful power in the online casino’s world.

History of online slots

Online slots are the best for online casino games. Let us see how online slots have evolved. The first online slot machine was developed by Sittman and Pitt in 1891. That means online slots come into the gambling market in the 19th century. From then, many online slot machines were found in all the bars. The first online slot machine contains five drums and 50 playing cards. Players have to pay the money to play in these online slots. Later in the years of 1887-1895,  Charles Augustus Fay invented the first online slot machine. He invented the slot machine which will give automatic pay-outs. He inserted three reels in his slot machine.

Later in the years of 1902-1908, the liberty bell improved some of the features in the online slot machine. After many years no more features are improved in the slots machines. In the year 1964, the 1st electrochemical slot machine was found by bally. It is an electronic-based slot machine. Later many years, the most powerful slot machine was launched by WMS in the year 1996. After this, many casino games used this slot machine in its games.

How to play in online slots

Most of the casinos are using online slot machines. It is very helpful to beginners. They can easily understand the rules and instructions in the game. Players can find a Unibet Casino Suite in the slot machines, where they can find many numbers of games. After picking up the game, players should select a number of spins.

After selecting, spin the reel and watch the game carefully. Your selected game will have a number of win possibilities. If you win the spin, then it will automatically be credited to your account.

Types of online slots

Different types of online slots are

Three-reel slot: classic three-reel slots are easy to play for the beginners. There no complexity in playing this game. To win the game all you have to do is matching all the top, middle and bottom slots in a line.

Five-reel slots: It is the same as the there reel slots. Five reel slots are designed by using three-reel slots. Simply saying, it is an updated version of three-reel.

Mobile online slots: The name itself says, online slots can be played in mobile phones, tablets, smartphones, and iPhones, etc.

Progressive slots: Increases the jackpot values for every time you play.

Also, mega spins and multipliers are some of the types of online slots.


  • Free bonuses
  • Higher payouts.


  • No customer service.
  • Withdrawals take some time.

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