You are ending your marriage, but you are also dealing with something more serious – domestic violence. No matter the circumstances, you shouldn’t withstand or ignore domestic violence in any form or manner. Divorces often get complicated for many reasons, but if there is a threat to your life or fear for your children, you must consult a Sandy domestic violence lawyer. Below we have answered some key questions related to the subject. 

What constitutes domestic violence?

It is a common myth that domestic violence is just about physical abuse. In Utah, any crime committed by someone against a spouse/cohabitant is considered domestic violence. This may refer to psychological, emotional, financial, or verbal abuse. For instance, if your spouse came over to your house and destroyed the garden, you could potentially file a case of domestic violence against them.

Do you need an attorney?

The short answer is yes. While it is not mandatory to have an attorney to file a case, you need to seek legal advice on the matter. Your lawyer has years of experience in family law and can help you with your rights. They can also explain the legal options you can consider, and if the whole thing is related to your divorce, your lawyer can also mediate. Keep in mind that any form of domestic violence can be detrimental to your wellbeing, and in some cases, it is important to take proactive measures, like getting a restraining order. Your lawyer can also help with the paperwork, evidence, and other aspects of the case. 

How to find a reliable domestic violence attorney?

  1. Ask around. If you know people who have attorneys for similar cases, consider asking for references. 
  2. Check online. You can find listings of attorneys through websites like Nolo, Avvo, and Justia. Google also offers quick details of local law firms. 
  3. Meet the lawyer. Always insist on meeting the lawyer in person before you take things further. Most lawyers offer low-cost consultations for potential clients. 
  4. Ask questions. How frequently does the attorney take domestic violence cases in their practice? Have they encountered similar cases before? How did they help the client? 
  5. Know the attorney’s fee. Most lawyers ask for an hourly rate for domestic violence cases, and it is possible to get an estimate in advance. 

Take your time to find an attorney, but do not ignore a case of domestic violence, especially if you believe that there is an immediate threat. 

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