A listing of material handling belts with a summary of a most likely application is given below.

  • Gravity Conveyor: Gravity, non-powered conveyor, is generally utilized in the truck for offloading, plan sorting, and assembly or kitting locations. Gravity is the most affordable form of conveyor; however, lacks in product control.
  • Belt Conveyor: It is normally utilized in package handling, resources handling, as well as small component handling. It is efficiently used for altitude adjustment or incline/decline applications. A more typical application of belt conveyor you might not discover remains in the check-out line at your local grocery store.

Powered Roller Conveyor:

  • oLive Roller Conveyor: It is commonly used as whole transportation when item accumulation is not called for. It is also utilized in package handling applications as well as is optimal for light- to medium-product lots.
  • oMinimum Pressure Conveyor: It is used in other words sections of buildup, general transportation of item, as well as is perfect for a tool to light loads such as package handling applications.
  • oZero Stress Conveyor: It is commonly discovered in distribution centers where there is a wide range of product size as well as weight. Applications consist of buffering of the product before sortation, product packaging, kitting, or shipping areas. It is perfect for choosing areas as well as palletizing areas. It is used in high throughput systems.
  • Drag Chain: It is typically made use for managing very heavy lots, unique pallet setups, and very reduced-to high-temperature areas.
  • Roller: Roller pallet conveyor is normally utilized for taking care of exceptionally heavy loads as well as is optimal for buildup zones in pack out areas.
  • Expenses Conveyor: It is generally used in paint as well as goal, garbage removal, food packaging, and assembly lines. These are several of the oldest conveyors still made use of in the industry today since they are very reputable and need little upkeep.
  • Table Top Chain: It is utilized in the build-up, bundle handling, filling, labeling, as well as wash-down applications.
  • Magnetic Slide Conveyor: It is utilized in steel marking, chip removal, and tiny component transport application.
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