Your cabin is your haven when you’re at sea. You can go there anytime you want especially if you want to escape the crowds or just want to relax. But still, there are some things that you should not do in your cabin. But before cruising at the destination of your choice, marine traffic will be one of your travel companions. This global ship tracking intelligence allows you to discover information about your voyage. Just search it and details can quickly be accessed and the platform is also easy to navigate. There’s also an interactive live map for you to explore. 

You’ll find a list below which are reasonable and covers one’s safety and privacy concerns.


Unfortunately, all of the cruise line companies have banned smoking in cabins and others also did the same even on private balconies. This is because cigarettes are a fire hazard and there is an instance that ship has caught fire due to wayward ash. In addition, a large number of people also considered smoking as a public nuisance. As you go on the cruise, it is understood that cruise line companies want to limit one’s cigarette use while onboard though they still offer some places for smokers to light up. They provided designated areas like at the upper deck or specific lounge just in case passenger needs a smoke break.

Light a candle

The lighting of a candle or incense, ironing your clothes or even plugging in the hot plot that you smuggled onboard is strongly prohibited. When you’re on board, anything that involves fire of high heat is considered a hazard. Though generally, cruise lines are open to hairdryers and curling these days.

Plug a hairdryer into the outlet found in the bathroom

Hairdryers can be found on the desk in your cabin which means you dry your hair there rather than in the bathroom. It’s still a mystery why a passenger must blow-dry their hair by the desk, however, that’s how the ship designers did and it commensurate to an appropriate outlet. Yes, you can find one measly outlet in your bathroom but please be reminded that’s for shaving only. It does not accommodate the appropriate voltage for a hairdryer. Don’t try it out because you could blow a fuse.

Enter an argument

As you go on a cruise vacation, be sure to bring with you your best decorum. Cabin walls are just thin and sound travels quite well through the connecting or hallway doors. Please be mindful of your neighbors. If you’re arguing, be sure to keep your volume done. I guess you don’t want your neighbors to know your business. And if you’re watching your favorite movie at 3 am or wants to listen to music, keep the volume to a minimum. Your shipmates don’t want to listen nor watch it. Regarding your balcony, you also need to act accordingly since you can still be easily seen and heard as well.

Running naked around with the curtains open

Your cabin is not as private as you think. It has been proven by plenty of cruisers. Don’t ever step out of the bathroom naked. Later you’ll discover that crew-member cleaner, your fellow cruisers, or even portside dock workers are looking at you. If you’re inside your cabin and you can see people outside, they can also see you. The same scenario applies even if your curtains are closed.

Leaving the balcony door wide open

Leaving your balcony’s door open is not allowed by the cruise companies since it can cause your cabin’s air conditioning to work harder thus wasting the energy on the ship unless you turn it down. Aside from that, it also has corresponding unwanted side effects. Leaving the balcony door open can set off the smoke alarm several times on one sailing which is a mystery as there was no smoke nor fire. Besides, if you open your cabin door and you create a wind tunnel in the cabin, it can send all of the passengers’ cruise ship dailies, dining reservations and other flyers flying everywhere.

Hanging stuff on the balcony

Hanging your swimsuits on the balcony to dry fast is not a good idea. It is best to dry your items on the retractable clothesline that you can find in your shower. Some portable laundry hooks can be of help too.

Being untidy or messy

It is suggested that even you’re on a vacation, you should do even a little cleaning up to make your cabin life more bearable. There’s just a minimal walking space in a certain cabin. Organize your stuff. Leaving one’s high heels on the floor can cause injuries. Also, dumping your maps, brochures, daily newsletter, and even a bag of souvenir just anywhere can take up valuable space. If you’re looking for something, it may also be used up and waste your precious time searching for things like the cruise key card and even shore excursion ticket.

Stealing the bathrobes or towels

As you sail, cruise ship cabin amenities should not be stolen. Think twice if you’re about to slip them into your suitcase. If the items such as bathrobe or towels are missing, you will surely be charged an inflated price for that. If you must have some freebies, you can take home the in-cabin pen or even the travel bottle of shampoo. But if you want to take home some souvenir items, you can visit the gift shop.







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