The process of electrical wiring as well as rewiring happens to have a very important matter when you are going to renovate the house you have, new or old.

The whole process is quite complicated and for the layman it is quite complicated to handle the whole process. This is where professional electricians comes in, where they will handle it with government safety guidelines and with care.

Therefore, it boils down to you having to select the right professional and the kind of installation process that can fulfil the task for you. Professionals will complete the whole process according to the safety regulations in your country. For more electrical rewiring help in Singapore, you can visit at for more understanding.

When Do You Need Electrical Rewiring?

When do you know your house or office is in need for rewiring? Just before serious complications start taking place in the electrical systems of the house, there are several signs that will definitely grab your attention. We will go through the following signs:

You need to have a look at the frayed or damaged wires in the house. Be it the heat or the rodent or the corrosion, the signs are often obvious.

  • There are times where the switches get warm the electrical gadgets work.
  • Frequent tripping of the circuits can cause problems.
  • Any kind of smoke coming out of the power socket can be the sign for a problem.
  • Frequent flickering of the lights can be the sign for a complications.

A Number of Types for the Electrical Wiring

In case you are interesting in changing the wiring of your home, then there are several options that you need to check before settling on choosing the best. In Singapore a number of options are available and you will need to select the ones that match your requirement.

In the event you choose the professional wiring or rewiring service, you need to weigh your options on the kind of wiring you can opt for. A few of the common ones are:

Non-Metallic Cables (NM Cables)

These cables happen to be quite common and they are mainly used for the houses as well as apartments in Singapore. Three types of wires are available with them and according to the color they can be differentiated.

The brown or red wire happens to be the live wire, the blue or black wire happens to be the neutral wire and the yellow or green wire happens to be the ground wire. For the dry spaces, these cables are most useful.

Use of the Underground Feeder (UF)

As a subclass of the NM cables these feeders are the perfect options. Each of the feeder wires are covered with solid plastic sheathing.

Use of the Conduits

These are the kinds of wires that are used in the houses. However, the utility is for the outer wiring process mainly. Be it the ceilings or the walls, these wires stay visible. They are properly insulated as well by a nylon glitch layer. Both in the dry and wet areas they can be used.

Using the Low Voltage Wires

These wires happen to have two sets and there are used for the circuits and sockets of low voltage.

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