Are Suffering From Bad Breath? Know the Causes and Treatments

Bad breathing sometimes becomes a cause of embarrassment. Usually, people believe that the one who has a bad breath does not care for one’s oral hygiene. Whereas it is not true, bad breathing is caused by an underlying health issue that requires to be treated. In some extent, unhealthy lifestyle and poor eating habits pose bad breath.

When we eat food, the food is broken down into tiny pieces for better digestion. That time, foods like Onion and Garlic emit smell while chewing and it does not go away until they have passed through the body; as a result bad breath. Moreover, bad breathing might be caused by gum disease. If it’s so with you, you can get help from Dentist Barrie Molson Park Dental, as they are known for best oral treatments.

Causes of a Bad Breath: people can suffer from bad breath due to the following reasons:

  • Food: when the food is broken down into the mouth, it may stick around the teeth. As a result, the bacteria start increasing in the mouth and cause a foul odor.
  • Consumption of Tobacco products and Smoking
  • Dry mouth
  • Poor dental hygiene
  • Medications
  • Mouth Infection due to tooth removal or oral surgery
  • Infections or chronic inflammation in the sinuses, nose or throat may pose to bad breath.
  • Serious Disease like cancers or metabolic disorders
  • Gum Disease

Treatments for bad Breath: Bad breath can be combated by maintaining oral hygiene. If the primary cause for bad breath is an underlying health condition, your doctor will suggest you the treatment. In other cases, you can follow the further mentioned these tips:

  • Brush your teeth twice in a day.
  • Clean your tongue properly; you may use a tongue cleaner.
  • Floss at least once a day.
  • Avoid dry mouth
  • Clean dentures or dental appliances to avoid infection
  • Adjust your diet, the inefficiency of nutrients may cause a dental problem
  • Change the toothbrush after a few days
  • Practicing Proper Oral Hygiene
  • Regular Dentist Visits

If you have bad breath due to dental issues, your dentist may recommend you followings:

  • Mouth Rinses and Toothpaste: if there is a plaque on your teeth, your dental practitioner may prescribe you a mouth rinse or toothpaste with antibacterial properties that kill the bacteria.
  • Treatment of Dental Disease: If you have gum disease, your dental practitioner might also recommend tooth pulling, replacing faulty tooth and restorations.