Life without any health-issues is the thing of the past. Nowadays, every person has been suffering from a certain type of disease no matter whether it is small or big. There are several factors that impact our health are pollution, unhealthy diet, junk food, improper routine habits, lack of physical activities.

We take medicines that cure our disease but the quality of medicine makes a big difference. Always take medicine as per the prescription of the doctor and buy it from a genuine pharmacy because it directly affects your health.

Here, in this article, we discuss the 5 properties of genuine medicines that you should know and follow them strictly.

Active Ingredients: Before starting any medication consult your doctor and then do a proper inspection of it. By knowing the name of the active ingredients you can easily know its chemical effect on your health. The same ingredients may be available under the different brand name and you have to choose the right medicine as per your health issue. Users can easily check the ingredients and composition on the label.

Visible Expire Date: As we all know that expired medicine leads to a lot of other serious health issues. So, as a conscious consumer, it’s your responsibility to check the expiry date of the medicine before buying it. Visual inspection of the package is the best way to check all the essential details of the medicine.

Genuine Bill: The legality of the medical store is easily determined through its bill. Only a legal pharmacy provides a genuine bill to its customers. This is an easy and effective way to check counterfeit medicines. You can also cross check the cost and composition of the medicine from other stores by using this bill. Bill is basically a written proof of your payment.

Licensed Website: In this digital world, everyone prefers online shopping rather than offline. There are many online medical websites that provide you all medication at an affordable price range and also saves your time. Some websites get an official license from the government for selling medicines. Canada Drugs is good to be purchased from the licensed and authorized website only.

Similar Price of the Medicine: Last but not least, the simple way to identify the quality of the medicine is its price. The fake product’s price has been far cheaper than the real one. But, it is not applicable to all medicine because some brand sold genuine medicine at the same price. Check the MRP before paying for your bill.

These are some important properties through which you can easily check the genuine medicine. Talk to your physician if you cannot know more about it.  Take proper dosage at the right time is the best way to get positive results. Always take proper care of your health because ‘Health is Wealth’. So, be safe and choose the right product smartly.

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