Condominiums are privately owned homes that constitutes a part of a larger complex spanning multiple blocks and views. Those fortunate enough to own a unit also get postal code prestige when living in a prime location near to schools, retail options while being well connected to Singapore’s transport network.

Owners can also take advantage of the facilities including swimming pools, tennis courts, garages etc. Condominiums justify their higher price point by coming furnished with doors, bathrooms and bedrooms being the most common – making them good targets for property investment as well.

Most condominiums also come fully furnished and are good targets for property investment, making them slightly pricier than any HDB’s surrounding them.

Most management offices have limitations imposed on the extent of changes that you can make. Unless you are a designer yourself, it is strongly recommended to leave any proposed modifications to a proper interior designer.

Those in the business of condominium renovations come equipped with experience and a keen eye to see that your renovations will not get derailed. They should also be able to accommodate for the rules set by the condominium’s management while creating your ideal home. While they are professionals, it never hurts to read up on more Singapore small condo interior design ideas that you could propose while planning your renovation.

Playing By The Rules (In Singapore)

Condo designing rules differ from property to property and are different from the ones that HDB has imposed on their flats. The designer needs to be well versed regarding these rules to advise you on possible options when planning your interior. It helps to have a well-planned vision of your future home so that an experienced condo renovator can make accurate judgements to determine whether they are feasible or not. If the latter is true, they could still be able to retain some aspects you want for your home while adhering to management rules.

Overcoming Condominium Renovation Project Obstacles

Redesigning the interior of your condominium is sure to pose different hurdles and challenges during the process. There is at once a lot to consider when planning for work to be done, whether it be colour, space creation or room design itself.

In the right hands however, these factors should be the bread and butter of an expert who would be capable of manifesting your design. Getting insight from multiple consults with designers will be useful to determine if your design can be used, or if your expectations should be readjusted.

Your Choosing Criteria Matters!

When choosing an interior design company, close attention should be paid to the kind of experience and expertise they have. After multiple appointments and a bunch of discussion, you should have a clearer picture of what each designer can offer – so the choice is in finally back in your hands.

Keep in mind that other than designing itself, there are additional works to be done, including plumbing, electrical wiring, masonry and so on. The designer should be aware of these additional works to be completed and offer a sensible quotation so that your bill will not surprise your budget.

Everyone’s goal is to renovate and redesign your condo so that your family has a comfortable place to live, grow and play. Currently trendy and popular designs might be outdated or tacky in the future which could reduce the resale value of your house, so do remember to design with longevity in mind. Never be afraid to consult with your designer for more information!

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