The holiday season is just around the corner and what better way to get into the holiday spirit than to start decorating your Christmas tree.

Now, decorating your Christmas tree has been a long and well-loved tradition among various cultures. Over the past decade, people have developed their own way of decorating them. Some would opt for a minimalistic approach, while others would go all-out on their personalized tree ornaments.

Here are the top 13 tips on how you can decorate your Christmas tree like a pro!

Always start with the tree

Even before you take out your personalized tree ornaments, start by setting up your Christmas tree. Whether you’re planning to use a real tree or an artificial one, it is best to go for something that is in good condition.

Move on to the Christmas lights

As soon as you have set up your Christmas tree, take out the lights. Start wrapping them around the tree before you add any ornaments.

Always start at the top

When you’re running your ribbon around the tree, make it a habit to start at the top. This is a great tactic for minimizing the risks done to your ornaments. This also works when you are setting up the lights.

Use a variety of garland

This is great for when you want to have a Christmas tree that is less cluttered-looking. This gives your tree a more polished look without ever compromising its aesthetics.

Try making your own garland

What better way to achieve a perfect Christmas tree decoration than actually make it yourself? You can make a cranberry garland, crepe paper garland, boiled wool felt garland, and so much more.

Try making bows

If you’re not up for making your own garland, you can make your own bows. The best part about this is that all you’ll ever going to need are some ribbons.

Place personalized tree ornaments in prime positions

One of the common mistakes made by people is that they place tree ornaments at a random. Make sure that you are still following a kind of pattern when decorating your tree.

Start with the small ornaments

It is best to start with small or medium-sized ornaments. This makes putting in the larger ornaments later on a bit easier as you’ll only be filling the gaps.

The specialty items go last!

Once you’ve finished adding the larger ornaments, you can now proceed to add the specialty items. Any clip-on ornaments or icicles would fall under this category.

Evenly distribute everything

Keep in mind that decorating your tree is both science and art. Be sure that everything is evenly distributed.

Add your personal style

The beauty of this activity is that you have creative freedom. Don’t forget to add your personal style to it.

Use berry twigs on lower branch areas

This is a bit specific: use berry twigs when you are trying to fill in larger gaps situated on lower branch areas.

Design around a theme

We would like to end this list with a final tip: design around a theme. When you have a goal in mind, it’ll be a lot easier to decorate your Christmas tree along the way.

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