Practical Things To Consider For Creating An Outdoor Living Space

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It is always a good feeling to be able to spend time among nature. While living indoors in beautiful homes can give a lot of comfort and satisfaction, spending some time outdoors in the garden can prove to be quite a refreshing experience. Creating an outdoor living space increases both the functionality and the aesthetics of the garden adjoining your home.

There are a lot of practicalities involved in a project of this type. The weather has to be taken into consideration, space has to be properly utilised, bugs and heat have to be kept at bay naturally etc. Thus it is always better to take your ideas of transforming the outdoors of your home to an outdoor living space specialist like so that your ideas and requirements can be made practically possible.

Some things about which you need to have a rough idea so that you can guide the specialist are:

  • Space selection: You are the best person to know which side of the garden you want to utilise and convert. Thus even before thinking about the set-up, you need to go around your garden and look carefully so that you have an idea about the:
    • Outlook, position and direction of the garden,
    • The play of sun and shade at various times of the day,
    • Accessibility from the main building,
    • Utilisation of the outdoor space etc.
  • Planting: This brings out the beauty of the whole outdoor setup. How the planting is to be done, which plants are to be considered; there are so many things to consider here. In fact, certain practical factors which any outdoor garden space designer would dwell on are:
    • Dining spaces, if created, benefit best from low planted beds of scented evergreen plants,
    • Flowering subtle scented climbing plants look ever so pretty if there is an existing wall which can be used as a backdrop and at the same time the sweet fragrance has a lulling effect on the senses,
    • If the upkeep of the walls with plants growing on them presents a problem with its upkeep, climbers can be used as an alternative for they give the same effect but are hassle-free etc.
  • Screening: For a bit of privacy, both from the main house and the roads outside, the space being developed can be screened off using either hard landscaping or a potted plant line-up. This will make the space look even more beautiful; like a little paradise and also provide much-needed privacy.
  • Furniture: This is the main part of the whole outdoor space designing project. The furniture selected has to be aesthetically in sync with the plants, the fencing, the beautiful emerging scent and the natural appeal of the outdoor, yet at the same time be sturdy enough to withstand the elements of weather and climatic changes.
  • Playing with heat and light: There are times when you might want to enjoy the outdoor a bit longer but it might be too warm or cold to stay. In order to avoid such disappointments of having to go indoors, ways to keep the space cooler in summers and pleasantly hot in winters can be used like:
    • Placing stylish chimeneas and firepits,
    • Skilful placement of subtle lights to make it appear natural etc.

After the same has been designed and executed, you need to add little finishing touches here and there to give it a much more personalised and welcoming look. This will help enhance the mood and also make a pleasant change from the indoors you are so accustomed to.