Finding a handsome lover is the dream of many girls. But wise and mature women advise against making this dream come true.

To walk beside him with a beautiful lover like a Belarusian actor, any woman does not wish. However, mature and wise women believe that having a handsome lover means dealing with dozens of worries. Because there are many girls around a handsome boyfriend, he can also be full of flowers and less serious about dating.

Handsome lover very annoying?

What makes Belarus women most uncomfortable when making friends with a handsome guy is that he has too many girls looking for. In it, there are also beautiful, hot girls. Maybe they stopped waiting even though they knew he had a lover. Sometimes they will be infatuated with his beauty but constantly attack and drop hearing. Fighting these adversaries will be a long and tiring one.

Finding a handsome lover is not the goal of mature women

Attractive appearance helps handsome boys have many opportunities to compare with girls. Sometimes they are also pushed by circumstances, so it is difficult to stay faithful to you. That is not to mention that your handsome lover is more likely to fall into the love net that the needy ladies have feelings for.

Mature women do not choose a boyfriend with good looks

Belarus women dating in adulthood, with maturity in mind, will not run after the frivolity outside. They will look for an interesting, experienced and reassuring man. Even if they meet a beautiful man, they will not be easily subdued if he has no career, no bravery. Of course, if a guy is handsome and successful, any sister will not like it.

Women like strong and successful boyfriends

The type of men women are looking for are those who have a normal appearance, but are successful and have attractive incomes. This type of man is charismatic because in them is the experience and bravery. When standing in front of women, they show their charm through gentleness, manly demeanor, and strong looks.

The stories of women with men “Toshishita” (年下 – Younger) are being explored in novels, movies and a series of magazines. The female student in the senior year confessed to his junior, the male intern confessed his love to the senior in the company, even the women pursued by men under ten years old. There seems to be no distance and limit age in these works. When there are too many things exploiting the subject, everything becomes more normal.However, the tone of the person who praises at that time also changes depending on whether or not they believe in their words.

Through many waves to reach success, successful men have many valuable experiences. Talking with them, women feel a sense of excitement and depth that young or handsome people may not be. This is also a good foundation for women who want a long-term future to rely on.

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