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Windows Server Updated Feb x64 MSDN Download Latest OEM RTM version. It is Full Bootable ISO Image of Windows Server Updated. Dell only sells Windows installation media when ordered with a system. If you want to reinstall a Windows Server OS on your PowerEdge server. Which EC2 instance types work best with Windows Server ? SQL Server Developer edition is available as a free download from Microsoft.


Windows Server Updated Feb x64 MSDN Download – Get Into PC


In the meantime how do I down load installation material for Office Professional Plus ? I am a developer and need to be able to easily reinstall it. I have been developing using Microsoft products since the beginning of DOS. I am now getting the feeling that Microsoft wants to get rid of developers and they are sure doing the most they can to do that.

Did anyone at Microsoft do any customer analysis before they went to the new “portal”? Any use cases? Any real world use? It appears that Microsoft is abandoning everyone. They appear to have withdrawn from the phone market — Verizon offers ONE Windows phone and only limited support for that. So why should I renew it? As for the old MSDN portal retirement. I have contacted the VS Support and I am waiting for their reply.

If my reply is useful please mark it as answered as it help other users with the same query. Please contact the Visual Studio Subscription support and leave your feedback there. Dear Ashidacchi ,. It doesn’t bring us user any new features in-fact we miss old features that were available at “msdn. If it’s not broke, don’t fix it! If you have too many interns this year then the solution isn’t scrapping the bottom of barrel to assign them some random work.

All developers several hundred in my company lost access to the new site because it requires logging into login. Additionally, it seems Microsoft no longer provide ISO’s which means that Visual Studio will not install because the online installer exe requires access to sites that have been blocked by the company’s proxy.

Really frustrating. Warning of such changes ahead of time would also be appreciated especially for corporates where changes like these move really slooowly with many teams involved like networks, IT security, compliance etc. As near as I can tell the response you received was get used to it. There was nothing addressing the lack of ISO images or exe installation packages.

If you run machines in a sandbox — no internet connections — you cannot install Microsoft products for testing and development. Please ask your contact what non Microsoft solutions we should migrate to if we need a secure environment. Remind them that what we test in a secure environment will be migrated to the rest of our systems. I sent an email to the address included in your post above iscresc at microsoft.

EM at css. My colleague, Percy is currently on leave. We’ve checked and seen here that this issue must be handled by our technical support team for further assistance. Rest assured that they’d be able to assist you with your concern accordingly.

BTW, I just noticed that the toll free number in the response you posted, 11 11 00, is missing a digit. Are you sure the response you posted actually came from someone at Microsoft? The email id and phone number are for Microsoft India Support.

Also please note that the toll free number “” is for Microsoft India Support. I hope that you are from US. I have confirmed both the toll free numbers are working just fine.

Thanks, prathaprabhu. If the email I received came from Microsoft than the problem is worse than I thought. I sent an email to Microsoft and received a response that include an for a scam site in the US.

Nowhere in the response did it say that the number is for India. At the bottom of the email it specified numbers for India which did not include the number. It was therefore reasonable to believe that the number was for the US. If Microsoft is going to use an that goes to them in India and to a scam site in the US they should be very clear where the number is valid.

Failing to do that implies that the phrasing of the email was to deliberately deceive US customers into calling a scam site. I need the same download to repair a crashed system and the download link is invalid. A search of the new site is difficult to say the least and doesn’t yield what I want. After years and years of MSDN usage So today I changed pc and it asked me to enter my key again.

I went to MSDN and And that’s how I feel about Microsoft. Did they just lose their f mind? How could they do this to their customers? Here is the link. I was having much of the same frustration you are feeling. My paid subscription downloads page was replete with License Keys and software disk images.

Today I just realized if you type the legacy software that you want to download in the searchbar on the downloads page, it is still available to you. See the screenshot below, I needed to download VB6 Enterprise edition. Visual Studio Subscriber portal is down due to system maintenance. It will be fixed soon. Disabling the MSDN portal and creating another one which is barely functional won by a landslide.

The trend was to reduce original features, make the app worse and above all, make the app less stable and reliable. The board proposed to buy a fully working and popular code-sharing platform and destroy it, a bit like what we did with Skype. So we bought Github. Please hold tight till we deliver our promises. The content you requested has been removed.

Ask a question. Quick access. Search related threads. Remove From My Forums. Asked by:. Archived Forums. Sign in to vote. Is there anyway to get to the old download site? Edited by saberman Sunday, June 4, PM.

Sunday, June 4, PM. I think it is surely degraded. Now, we have difficulty to find out what we want to download. Monday, June 5, AM. Wrong — I know it is surely degraded. They don’t support ISVs. The new portal is a joke. Thanks, prathaprabhu If my reply is useful please mark it as answered as it help other users with the same query. Always nice to have your service degraded and told “It’s a benefit!

Thursday, June 8, PM. Friday, June 9, AM. Dear prathaprabhu, Thank you for information for feedback. I’ve visited the page you’d mentioned. But I could not find adequate options. Which issue should I select? Regards, Ashidacchi. Submit an online request.

Edited by prathaprabhu Friday, June 9, AM. Dear prathaprabhu, Thank you for suggestion. I’ve tried, but in vain. I won’t give feedback. It would only take my time. Bhandarkar 6.