The wedding day is one of the best and the happiest days of our lives. We want everything to be arranged perfectly. Plans for this special moment are being made months before. See how to plan the perfect wedding here.

Everyone has their ideas of how everything should look like. The couple should make that special talk and agree on the key issues about what must be done. The partners have an equal right to ask for something. Major things like the number of guests, timing, place, and ceremony protocol must be made together.

The rest of the details, like what should be served, what type of flowers, and what will be the color of the chairs can be done by the one who’s more interested in this. Usually, the bride is the one that already has a plan in their head and knows what she wants.

Sometimes, one of the wishes is having custom made items. Not everything can be made this way though. Flowers are flowers and you can’t make a personalized orchid. What you can do is make some personalized pots. You can write whatever you want on them.

If you’re looking for ideas about what can be made custom, read on and see some of the ideas we’re about to present.

Custom made napkins

This is simply a must. When the guests arrive at the ceremony, it will be great to have a napkin that will instantly show them how happy you are. You can either copy the same thing you placed on the invitation cards or something else.

Think about an inspiring quote or a moment from your life as a couple. Something that is interesting and will show everyone that you were meant together. A picture of the couple is also an interesting idea or a design that will be a combination of both.


When food is served, it’s normal that people will need accessories that go with the food. It’s not the best idea to make forks with your face on them because it may be too much, but you can do some other things.

Toothpicks can be packed in special boxes that are going to be served together with the meal. On the boxes, you can write something interesting, like “have a great meal, love, the couple”. It will be a great gesture and you’ll know the guests are amazed by doing something like this. They’ll know you put a lot of effort into doing this.

Candy wrappers

A blessing marriage and a sweet life together – people like to say to the marrying couple. Well, what’s sweeter than candy, right? The wrappers of the candy that you can place on every table can be made with custom made pictures of the two of you.

You can make something common like a happy pose together, or do it more tricky and fun, like a picture of you licking the very same candy. Place a note underneath it saying “enjoy this candy as we enjoy this evening” and you have a great point made.

Matchbox cases

Guests can them home with them and the smokers will love them especially. Some so many people refuse to use lighters and prefer matches. There’s some archaic beauty in them. It keeps the smoker with the past and gives a special enjoyment of the smoke.

Although some wedding are made inside and there’s no smoking in the room, you can still do this as a decorative moment. After all, matches are not being used only by people who smoke, right?

Place candles on each table and leave a case of matchboxes next to it in case they burn off. There are endless ideas of what can be done in these cases. See to find out how this idea might look.


Everything that you like can be made personalized with almost anything you can think of. Pictures, words, quotes, emojis, the options are endless. The only thing you need to put your mind on is to find the right things that you and your partner both love equally.

This is a wedding for both of you and it’s best if you can have a great time together enjoying the decisions you made together. Some of these ideas might not be a big deal, but they can make a lot of people happy and thrilled about how you arranged everything.


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