What Are the Basics of Recessed Lighting?

Whether redoing your home or building a new place, recessed lighting can be a good choice for function and style. These lights offer a clean, streamlined look for your home.

It increases the amount of light in the room and accentuates the look of the area. This lighting can make the room look bigger and highlight the apartment’s artwork. Recessed lighting can bring a modern feel if you consider changing the look of your old house.

Several electrical contractors provide recessed lighting in Fredericksburg, VA. Recessed lighting is available for several purposes, and the experts in your area can guide you on what suits you best.

Look at its basics to make a better choice while purchasing these lights.

When do you use recess lights?

When making major renovations or building a modern home, recess lighting can add to the chic look you are opting for. Check if you have ceiling insulation; if not, then non-IC housing can be used.

It would be best to avoid recessed lighting for houses with concrete ceilings, ornate plaster, and other delicate work. You can opt for chandeliers, table lamps, and wall scones in such places.

Recess lights are perfect for a city like Fredericksburg as they are ideal for wet areas. Moreover, they are great for low ceilings as they aren’t always visible.

Where can you place recessed lighting fixtures?

Here are some recommendations to help you understand the befitting location for this type of lighting.

  • Avoid putting recessed lighting too close or cramped in a row. This technique will make your home look like a commercial place and defeat the purpose of styling.
  • Make sure to place all the lights at equal distances. Usually, the rule is 4 feet apart for 4 inches fixtures and 6 feet apart for 6 inches. This way, the lighting gets evenly distributed across the room.
  • You can center recessed lighting fixtures in front of the objects you want to light. You can place them about 12 to 18 inches in front. This way, the light is not too harsh nor too dim, and your piece remains in focus.
  • Recessed lights placed for reaching should be placed right above the head. If it is placed a little below the ceiling, the light might get blocked by the shoulders.
  • Place these lights from two to three angles if you want to light a three-dimensional object like a flower arrangement, sculpture, etc. This emphasizes the body of the piece you are illuminating and draws the focus on its best parts.
  • In case of installing them in the kitchen, you can fix them on the ceiling and cabinets. This will brighten up your kitchen and give a cozier home vibe.

Summing it up

Gathering information on how recessed lights work the best and where to place them is utterly important before installing them. Find the right provider for recessed lighting in Fredericksburg, VA, to give you a better insight on how to proceed.

Recessed lighting is one of the most in-demand lighting styles that is preferred in modern and contemporary homes. As for the commercial areas, they use it mainly for clean finish, sophistication, and convenience. If you are refurbishing your old place, this lighting style must be included to add a modernized look.