Ways Google Drive can help in powering the WordPress business

Many people are confused about the work of Google Drive is. It’s an omnipresent power that has also created a suite tool when you collaborate then this is called Google Drive. Below are some of the suit in default are included here:

  • Sheets
  • Forms
  • My Maps
  • Pixlr Editor
  • Docs
  • Slides
  • Drawings
  • Sites

Indeed, all these options are not enough for you to start with. If you want some then you must select the connect more application option. After this, you are taken to a Drive/Chrome application store when you will get thousands of options from which you can choose. Google drive WordPress has many tools which can help in boosting up your business.

  • Real-Time Collaboration

of the best things about Google Drive is the inclusion of real-time collaboration. If a whole team is working on a thing then you and your whole team can be on the same document at the time you are allocated with for the real-time edits. This is not the feature which will blow your mind. The office member who stays out of India can even work on the same project after staying far away and can even help in planning the project.

you have an online business and the whole business is dependent on the content, then Google Drive can help in the editing process if done correctly. Here you don’t have to send or mail your article to the editor of the writer again and again because Google Drive will help in allowing all the people related to the article to present in one place and work on the same article.

  • Live Chat:

this you will even get an option of live chat in each document the team is working on. There is an icon of live chat which is next to the document participants. whenever people come in and out of the document there is an option of adding and deducting people from the live program. You can work at the same time when you are online on the live chat.

  • Hangout:

is very similar like live chat, you can do the same thing with Hangout too. In Hangout also you will get an option of the live chat on the same windows. This option is best when you are in a meeting but not for them who are working but you can keep the live chat as a background when you are working. It’s very similar like other VOIP service or calls like Slack calls or Skype.

  • Google Sheet on the team dashboards:

will help in making your content for WordPress more presentable. In this, you can set up all the analytics and can even keep an eye on the growth of your business using this Drive. This will help in keeping you updated with your site, the blogs you are working on, SEO which is very important for every online business of website, social channels you are posting the content and how you are getting the response and many more things to see the growth of the website business. This even helps in tracking where your website is going wrong, analysis, work amazingly well for aggregation, and keeping in mind the places you can work more.

  • Sync with Google Photos:

of the prime foundations of the service, Google drive has file storage. this even helps in coming up with backup files and large media files from the plugins, and even provide the service like Zencastr. Google Photos media library is also supporting Office Jetpack plugin. This will even help in boosting up your business. The picture that you keep in the free or unlimited then you can even import them into the WordPress media library as an individual. When you are using WordPress that means that you are mainly going a lot. This is possible at you may use different devices from different places for any update. When you don’t know where the hard drive will come from the cloud store is your best friend. There is a high chance that you can use your site from another public computer.

This is some of the ways which can help you in enhancing your business with the help of Google Drive WordPress.