Want a title loan but haven’t any title? 

It often happens that people require a title loan, but they get worried and skeptical about it because they do not have a title. The right information in such matters is very important. This article can answer most of your questions regarding title loans, if not all. So, can one get a title loan without title?

To understand the given question’s answer, firstly, one needs to understand what a title and then a title loan means. A car title is documentation that determines the owner of an already registered vehicle. Simply put, a car title loan is a particular amount of money that is provided to you whenever you need it, which you can later pay in installments, in return for your car title.

Is it possible to get a title loan when you don’t have a title?

Now, title lenders, who provide title loans, usually require your title in exchange for the loan, which is then used as collateral. To do that, the basic requirement is the car title in your name, and that gives us the answer to the above question. No, one cannot get a car title loan without title.

The basic principle of car title loans is, “immediate cash”, whenever required, which usually doesn’t even need any proof of income and the car title is quite important for the process. However, this principle would be completely pointless if a person never got a much-needed loan, just because they currently do not have a car title in hand.

So, now it is understood that one cannot get through the process of getting a car title loan without owning a title of any sort. But the situation is a little different when someone does own a title but, for some reason, does not have the title in hand.

In such cases, a title loan can be granted under certain conditions. To be able to get a loan when one does not have a title in hand, an applicant is usually requested by the DMV (Department of Motor Vehicles) to fill out a form that states that you have a missing title and have currently applied for a new one. There is a small amount of fee taken for the form which you need to pay along with the installments of the loan itself.