Even a guy’s image matters for that irreversible and instant first impression. Men must stock their wardrobes with clothes that fit them metaphorically and literally. There are some misconceptions when you try wardrobe building on a budget.

  • Clothes shopping is expensive, especially the designer items. It is a wrong thought! The best way is to look for colors, cuts, and styles that suit your personality from the lower price scale end.
  • Retro style rule still applies! Your taste and physique have changed a lot over the last decade. Be a little open-minded and adventurous. For example, if you are a formal dresser try casual wear. You may find it surprising!

Everyman does not possess the same persona or job or extra-curricular activity, so their wardrobe essentials may differ. Visit livspace.com to see the wardrobe designs photos to get an idea of classic, athletic, rugged, vintage and eccentric personas well-stocked cupboards.

What is defined as a smart-casual wardrobe?

Building a wardrobe doesn’t mean scrapping your existing clothes. There are clothes in there, which are versatile and can be combined with a new one.


Shoes project the vibe of the outfit you are wearing. For example, when a guy puts on a suit with sneakers, then you can rate 90% Italian wool and 10% canvas & rubber. It is 10%, which breaks the guy from the majority. So put shoes first.

For 2019 versatile wardrobe four pair of shoes that will cover the total spectrum is –

  1. White low-top sneakers
  2. Dress oxfords
  3. Athletic trainers
  4. Leather work-boots

From the gym to date night and office to bar, you will look stylish in every setting.

Trousers and pants

Many men find it frustrating to shop for well-fitting trousers. They just do it once for determining the size and reflexively rebuy the same size, whenever needed. Before you buy trousers take some time to assess whether your existing trousers fit. If they are too tight or too baggy then resize them. In buying pants the money factor does not count, it is the fit that makes you look cool.

In 2019, a versatile and stylish wardrobe needs to have –

  • Dark washed jeans
  • 3 pairs of cotton chinos – navy, grey, and olive

These colors pair well with shirts and dark jeans will cover you the whole week.


For casual wear, guys can choose a –

  • Long sleeve shirt
  • Short-sleeve T-shirt
  • Oxford Cloth button-down

For street style and cool look wears a T-shirt with dark jeans and sneakers. For elevated casual pair T-shirt with boots and chinos. Just like trousers, shirt recommendations are focused on brands and colors that increase versatility.

In 2019, a smart and stylish wardrobe will need –

  • Three short sleeve tees – black, navy, and white
  • Two Oxford Cotton button-down – light blue & white
  • One grey long sleeve shirt


The outerwear you choose will depend on the regional climate.

In 2019, versatile and stylish types of outwear are –

  • Hoodies
  • Sweaters
  • Light jackets
  • Heavy jackets


Accessories add an extra touch. You can buy cheap stuff but invest a little in accessories you like to wear often. For example, driving gloves are worn a lot in the cold season, so you will desire them to last. Therefore choose good quality. Cheap accessories like ties, scarves, pocket squares, etc. can be bought cheap. These are stuff which you wear once or twice in the season.


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