Unique Dinner and Dance Themes That Can Impress Guests

If you are looking for a chill and fun event that will allow employees to engage with one another and have a great time, you can never go wrong with a dinner and dance party. Organizing a successful dinner and dance party will entail a lot of planning. If you are unsure what to do, getting the help of a dinner and dance organiser is a good idea.

When planning a dinner and dance event, you ensure you cover all the key aspects of the event. For instance, how do you make the event a hit among the attendees? What are some great themes that can entice them to stay? Below are some themes a dinner and dance organiser might suggest:


Create a glamorous and mysterious night for everyone in attendance with masquerade masks, masked ball dancers, decadent decors, and props that will match your masquerade time. It is also recommended that you encourage attendees to wear their best costumes and accessories with feathered and bejeweled masks.

Casino Royale

Take everyone to a Bond-themed Casino Royale party through slot machines, dice games, bright lights, and card games. You can also encourage them to unleash their hidden gambler or live their inner Bond for the night. Stirred or shaken, this is one them that will surely fire up the imagination.


Take everyone years back with a retro-themed dinner and dance party. Get that party time machine ready and export everyone to different pit stops—the swinging 1960s, stylish 1970s, and even the flamboyant and classic 1920s. Don’t hesitate to pull all stops to ensure everyone in attendance will have some grand retro fun.

Hawaiian Paradise

Bring aspects of peace and calmness into your event with a Hawaiian themed party. Make the event as dreamy as can be by preparing flowers necklaces and ti-leaf skirts to get everyone into the island spirit. You can also use seashells as decorations or get some inspiration from Moana or Lilo and Stitch.

Las Vegas

Las Vegas is another great dinner and dance party that will get everyone talking. With the gambling city’s spirit, you can turn the venue into an iconic red and green. Other subtle decorations can also include coasters designed after poker chips or Russian Roulette—anything that can get attendees to let loose and have fun.

The Great Gatsby

If you would like to bring back the roaring 20s, there is no better way to do it than the Great Gatsby. This theme allows participants to use different statement pieces including Moet & Chandon champagne bottles, black suits, Daisy’s pearl necklace, and low back dresses.


If you want something that’s totally unconventional, try outdoor event spaces and a Bohemian themed dinner and dance event. You can use cushions for chairs and use handmade crafts for the table decor. The idea for this theme is to have something that embodies nature and the spirit of freedom.

Disco Night

One thing about the disco theme: they will surely encourage everyone to hit the dance floor! This dinner and dance theme will definitely call for a disco ball hanging above. For the ultimate feel, you can also decorate with colorful floor tiles. Encourage everyone to come with bell bottom jeans and massive, voluminous hair.

Alice in Wonderland

What’s the best theme option for those who don’t like to grow up. Alice in Wonderland, of course! Pull this one off with perfect mushrooms, soft bunnies, and colour palettes for the event space. If you want some extra fun, have a best dressed competition where the winner will be crowned before the night ends.