Top 5 Reasons For Frequent Truck Accidents.

Truck accidents have been increasing over the years. Though implementing rules and laws have lowered this number considerably, there are still some reasons that contribute to causing road accidents. If you are a truck driver, you must have Bakersfield truck accident lawyers in your arsenal if anything goes wrong.

There can be several possible reasons for a truck accident, such as poor road conditions, the driver being intoxicated, or vehicle failure. Whatever the reason, you must be cautious to ensure your safety and others’ safety.

List of reasons why truck accidents occur.

  1. Reckless Driving.

This includes activities in which the driver is not abiding by the traffic rules and ignoring the road safety protocols. Reckless driving includes ignoring traffic lights, overspeeding, jumping lanes for no reason, etc.


  • Fatigue Driver


This is caused when the driver does not follow the time limit that has been given to each driver. There are limits to driving a truck after a certain period in the US. If the driver has skipped that and continued driving, this can lead to the driver getting tired, which can eventually hammer his decision-making abilities.


  • Poor vehicle maintenance


Poor vehicle maintenance has been one of the most common reasons for truck road accidents. Due to poor vehicle maintenance, the truck drivers miss out on essential elements of trucks unchecked or unchanged, leading to fatal truck failure and eventually accidents. Even missing a simple oil change can lead to engine failure. Though there are regular safety audits that a truck driver is expected to do, these can sometimes be false. 


  • Poor road conditions


Poor road conditions is yet another reason for causing road accidents. Due to the roads being poorly constructed, there is heavy disturbance while driving a heavily loaded vehicle like a truck. Moreover, even if there is conduction going on, sometimes the construction signs or signals are not posted on the road, which misleads the truck drivers, causing accidents.


  • Irregular timings


Some cargo companies put unnecessary pressure on truck drivers to ship their cargo from one place to another to maximize their monetary funds. But what they skip out on is carefully planning out shipment considering perfect timing for cargo to be shipped. This decision should lie under the hands of the truck driver ensuring safety and speedy delivery.

Here are some of the main reasons why truck accidents occur. You must be aware of these reasons and drive safely because, as popularly said, ‘safety is better than cure.’