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Neon signs are the illuminations which can be used as hoardings, signages, indicators and even logos for business addresses. Their use, however, is not restricted to commercial purposes only. The makers of neon signs can prepare these on demand and can suggest various designs as per the requirements that you share with them. Neon signs have surpassed the commercial realms and are being used for lighting up special occasions and to offer clear demarcations in the houses too. Some of the interesting places which you can perk up with the help of a neon sign are:

  1. Garage: Your garage or service station need not be a boring place any more. Make your neon sign designer pull off some brilliant idea, throw in some good colors in proportion and you are good to go! Your garage can be styled up by illuminating its name with neon sign while placing the logo artistically. You can also get a tag line for your garage designed using neon sign.
  2. Kitchen: Whether it is your personal kitchen at home, or a make-shift eatery that you run, you can give your cooking place a dash of warmth and innovation with neon signs. Let’s cook, food zone, let’s eat here – these are some of the interesting neon sign ideas that you can try for putting in the kitchen area of the house or over the eatery van. 
  3. Man’s cave: No matter how raunchy it sounds, it is a sign that you are not going to forget so easily. It comes as a subtle warning – Roamer, beware! And it also tells in no uncertain words that the area is yours truly and so it should be entered only when you are invited or when you are game for some fun!
  4. Office or building entrance: What business you do or how you propose to make difference to the world through your business can be best expressed with a neon sign. ‘We Understand’, ‘Life matters’, ‘Enjoy’, ‘Be Kind’ and so on are some of the interesting phrases that can be made into neon signs and placed on the office entrances to convey the emotions behind the product or service. It expresses way more strongly than the logo or tag line and draws the attention of the passers-by more easily.
  5. Kids’ room: Kids’ room has to be all things happy and peppy. The feel of the room can be made more electric with the help of neon signs placed at certain places such as entrance or in the play area. Growing together – this is one of the best signs to consider for putting at the entrance of the room if siblings are sharing the room. Fun zone is another neon sign idea that can lighten up this place charmingly.

So, give the various areas of the house or office a welcoming feel with Neon Sign decorations. These ideas are sure to last long and will add to the feel of the space by providing it a distinct character. Visit here to find more places where you can put neon signs.

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