Tips to Train Your Waist

The likes of the Kardashian family with their tiny waist have given great fame to waist training. So, what is it and how do you do it?

Waist training is basically a procedure to reduce your original waist measurement with the help of waist and thigh trainer or waist cincher. It can be accomplished with compression.

In order to get super high compression, your waist trainer should be really strong. The strongest waist trainers are boned and made from rubber or latex. But they are lined with cotton making it comfortable for you to wear them all day. The boning is hidden in the waist trainer.

What size waist trainer should you buy?

All of the waist trainers and waist cinchers have perfect size charts. All you need to do is do some research and pick the best size for you. Make sure you buy one which fits very tightly. If it doesn’t fit right, then it will not generate any results. But if you wear it with firm compression, then it will give you a nice and slimmer waist.

Our Feelingirldress reviews state that customers who buy waist trainers in the right size and wear them super tight get amazingly great results. Do not go for a size too small or it may hurt your bones. 

How long do you need to wear a waist trainer?

In order to get exceptional results, you need to wear a waist trainer for 9-10 hours daily for a fortnight at least. How quickly you will see results depend on your body, diet and exercise regime. Women who have had a baby get quickest results. 

Post-partum recovery

The idea of putting everything back to its original location can be achieved by women who have expanded during their pregnancy tenure. If you have chosen to wear a waist trainer for post-partum recovery then make sure you consult a doctor first, especially if you have undergone a caesarean.

  • Tip 1: If you are wearing a waist trainer of latex or rubber material, then it may smell. So, you should keep it in the open air for some time so that strong smell diffuses.
  • Tip 2: If you have chosen a very small size waist trainer, then you should lay it down on the bed. Begin with the top hook and eye and then proceed down. Lying down on the bed helps loads!
  • Tip 3: Only hand wash your waist trainer. Do not wash it in the washing machine. Also do not dry it from dry heat. Dry it flat just as a jumper.
  • Tip 4: Wear your waist trainer below blouse wholesale and tuck it in your trouser or knickers to get a smooth line under your clothes.
  • Tip 5: If you notice bulging out over your waist trainer then go for a waist trainer vest. It will help you cover your back well and create a smooth line.  
  • Tip 6: Waist trainers are helpful with postures. The firmness will make you look sleeker, taller and straighter.  It will also uplift your breasts.