Every business needs a safe secure payment gateway for their website and that’s essential. While multiple gateways are currently available from where you can avail the services but how to make sure that it’s affordable and at the same time safe and reliable too. Therefore, read to the end of this article to get to know about one such payment gateway that offers all the possible solutions you would need and everything guaranteed at an affordable price https://exactly.com/.

Needs of the payment gateway

  • Every business who deals with selling of some or other kind of products needs a payment gateway to provide the services to their customers while they checkout of their website and further proceed to the payment page, while some business could create their payment gateway but its maintenance and affordability would cost a lost and only huge fortune businesses could afford this.
  • Therefore, these payment gateway services are availed by many businesses as it is easy for them to keep an eye on since they won’t have to maintain the payment gateway page but could avail the same services at an affordable price along with great services.
  • This payment gateway is considered as an architect for all those financial operations a company needs to streamline their payment system with the newest technologies and flexible management along with customized solutions.

Who is this payment gateway and what are its services?

So this payment gateway is by Opay Holding ltd who is a registered firm under electronic money regulations 2011 by the financial conducting authority of the United Kingdom for issuing e-money as well as payment services as an authorized institution for electric money.

And as for services, they provide six different kinds and that is as follows-

  1. Payment Gateway- Had to be the first one since it provides a financial management system for any kind of online business.
  2. Merchant services- This service would enable the businesses for their needs when receiving payments from their clients.
  3. Global Payment Processing- Enabling this service would also allow you to explore international markets via its multi-currency payment processors.
  4. Payment Links- This service is used to create customized fund requests for smooth personalized pricing.
  5. Mass payments- Get your huge payment consignments done easily and securely with their service in all of the major available currencies.
  6. Recurring Payments- This service is what is called general subscription product payments enabling your customers to get rid of paying every month instead of getting a subscription for the required amount of months and get it done easily with the one-click Payments.

Pricing services-

  1. As for integration charges at exactly it’s free, and not only this but you also get free technical support as well as widget customization free.
  2. Then there aren’t any particular set prices for the services, they are quite flexible with it and therefore could customize the prices according to the services that you avail.

That was all about Exactly, with its unique services and standing as one of the best performers in the United Kingdom for payment gateway services.

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