To gain knowledge of anything generally, in education or even outside education. Someone who is very conversant with the online aviation courses or one who has been more exposed to knowledge and with some years of practical fieldwork experience can stand in as a tutor. This is to avoid feeding trainees with wrong information, answers, and unpleasant feedback during the learning process. One who has a lower understanding of a low or no exposure to whatever he or she wants to teach you in your career field of study can never give you the perfect best you should get in your course of studying or learning. A trainee can get a perfect understanding of whatever is being done if they get the basic things they need that will make them acquire complete knowledge and aid their fast learning and understanding.

One of the things that aid online class learning is audio and videos that are more explanatory. There are visual flight rules (VFR) that guides the aviation learner or trainee on how he can get conversant with the dos and don’ts that bind the professional field. When the online trainees get videos and audios and handouts from their online tutors it exposes them to the advantage of reading before class or placing them in a position where they will easily digest explanations that comes from their tutor during class. In order for trainees to have vast knowledge and understanding about all the courses being taught, especially the basic Online Aviation Courses, the trainee will have to memorize whatsoever is read or taught. This will help the person have a broader and deeper understanding of the course and enhance his practical work in the field.

You will agree with me that learners who understand the process or trend of a particular course have the time to themselves to get conversant with the changes in the processes because they appear to be different. The theoretical aspect of aircraft management has its own way of building up students, learners, or trainees that gives quality time to memorize, understand the course while reading through can handle its practical aspect well and apply in the right way. This exposes the trainees to acquire broad knowledge about the Online Aviation Courses. John Davey an American philosopher expounded on a theory that states that learning by doing is a theoretical measure to get added knowledge in the educational field.