Stories of Survival, Realization, & Pride- HDFC Life Click 2 Protect 3D Plus

While most of us do understand the importance of life insurance, we somehow keep on finding reasons to delay the purchase until it is too late. Check out some real-life stories of people that would encourage you to make a decision today.

As per an IRDAI report, almost 75% of Indians do not have life insurance. While more people now understand the importance of life insurance, India still has one of the lowest life insurance penetration rates in the world.

With the current financial responsibilities and expenses, most people delay purchasing a life insurance until it is too late. To help you make up your mind, here are three real-life stories of how a life insurance policy, changed lives:

  1. Shamita Mali, 29, Mumbai

I married Kunal in 2015 when I was 25 years old. In 2017, we were proud parents of a little boy. Unfortunately, my husband passed away 7 months after the delivery in a road accident. Fortunately, Kunal purchased individual HDFC Life Click 2 Protect 3D Plus term plan for both of us as soon as we found out that I was pregnant.

We were young, and I never really understood all the rush to purchase life insurance. But it is because of his decision that I am now living a financially stable life and have already made arrangements for my child’s future. My life is a clear example of no matter what your age is, if you are planning to start a family, life insurance is a must.

  1. Anant Kapoor, 46, Delhi

It feels like yesterday that I was lying lifeless on a hospital bed after a heart attack. While I survived, I remember that throughout the ordeal, I was constantly thinking about the well-being of my ageing parents, wife, and three kids. I was the sole breadwinner in the family, and while I had decent savings and investments, I was pretty sure that it wouldn’t be enough.

As soon as I was discharged from the hospital, the first thing that I did was purchasing HDFC Life Click 2 Protect 3D Plus term insurance plan. My health recovered with time. But now I at least have that peace of mind knowing that if something happens to me, my family will be well taken care of with the insurance payout.

  1. Sayali Bhagat, 34, Pune

My husband, Ravi, passed away after a long battle with lung cancer in 2015. While I was a working woman, it would still have been very challenging for me to take care of our 2 kids without the HDFC Life Click 2 Protect 3D Plus term insurance policy that my husband purchased just 3 years before his demise. As our kids were still young, Ravi went for the monthly death benefit payout option.

I have started working again, and we also receive a monthly payout from HDFC Life which will continue for another 16 years until the time my kids would have probably completed their higher education. Ravi was always very good with finances, but I can tell you that purchasing an insurance was one of the best decisions he ever made.

HDFC Life Click 2 Protect 3D Plus

The Click 2 Protect 3D Plus plan from HDFC Life is one of the most feature-packed term plans available in the market. It covers you for 3Ds- Death, Disease, and Disability at highly affordable premiums.

You also get to choose from a host of optional covers and payout options so that you can select what best suits the financial requirements and needs of your family.