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Hardwood floor is one of the hot favorites for ages. Its beauty, easy maintenance, and long life span make it the most widely used flooring system. To maintain its timeless appeal, it is important to ensure the proper installation of the hardwood. Check out the different factors by heated floors by heavenly heat that can guide you how can install the hardwood flooring.

1)    Determine the place for floor installation: One of the most important factors to consider is the place where the floor will be laid down. The floor system should be suitable for the type and design of the place. The type of floor chosen should suit the place. Use an instruction guide to find out the best floor for your place.

2)    Correct leaking issues: Though the kitchen can hold water, wood can be used on the floor. The bathroom is one place where wood should not be used. Places of wooden warm floors which are exposed to leakage like dishwasher area, ensure that area is kept dry as much as possible. Wipe off with a dry cloth as soon as water spills. Avoid down the sanding of wood if the board begins to wear down. 

3)    New finish for the worn out floor: If your hardwood floor is worn out, go for a new finish of the floor using polyurethane. Prefinished floors are also available in the market. Their installation saves extra time and extra cost spent on finishing the floors on site. Always keep the newly finished floors clean and dry. Sweep and mop them with a dry cloth. Vacuum it on a regular basis. Keep a foot mat in the entrance to prevent the dust from entering the house. Ensure that the heated floors are safe.

4)    Opt for eco-friendly floors: Nowadays, some eco- friendly floors like labeled FSC or SFI are available in the market. They are the woods which have been harvested from storm-damaged trees to make floors. Use salvaged wood which is a cost-effective option too. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions carefully, especially in the case of heated floors by heavenly heat.

Steps to install hardwood flooring:

Hardwood floors are very easy to install and don’t require mortar, stretching tools or floor size patterns. Hardwood floors can be installed simply using tools like drills, saws, and hammers.

Here is a step by step guide to install hardwood floors:

1)    Wood should be installed on or above grade only. It should not be installed below grade.

2)    Leave the wood at a temperature of 65°F to 75°F inside the room five days prior to installation. This will allow the wood to acclimate in the room.

3)    Do not keep the floor directly on concrete.  

4)    Use nail guns for faster installation.

5)    Use ¾-inch CDX plywood and ¾-inch OSB for subflooring.

6)    Use knee guns for comfortable installation.

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