Speed Humps commonly known as road humps or undulations are used for speed zones in the range of 10 – 15 mph. You can often find these on local roads and streets where traffic needs to be free-flowing and smooth but excessive speeds can endanger the pedestrians. Often used by playgrounds, stadiums, school zones, and other residential complexes, Speed Humps are a very common means of Traffic Management. Whether you are looking to keep speeding vehicles at check-in your residential areas or around your offices, Speed Humps are the best option. Now you can choose from a range of such products made available to you by many Speed Hump manufacturers in Sydney.

  • Speed Humps: Types and Kinds:

Speed Humps are manufactured in various profiles and many travel lengths. These factors determine the level of discomfort in speeding vehicles so that they can be forced to slow down. The travel lengths vary between 3 to 20 feet thus giving you the options to choose from based on the area you need to install the speed humps in. These are often used in series which helps to maintain speed through a long corridor. As such these speed humps are usually installed in local areas with one or two-lane roads where a series of such speed humps can be easily installed.

  • What are they made of?

Speed Hump makers in Sydney often make these speed humps out of various materials such as Asphalt, Rubber, Metal, Concrete or even plastic.

Rubber & Plastic made Speed Humps are easy to install and can be set up on pre-existing surfaces with ease. Rubber has greater compression and is beneficial for installations within the city where vehicles with low ground clearance are common.

Asphalt and concrete installations are ideal for roads that have a constant flow of heavy vehicles like trucks and trailers. Because they have lesser compression they are more effective in obstructing such heavyweight traffic.

So choose your version and type of Speed Humps in Sydney as per your needs.

  • The Glaring Benefits:

Speed Humps continue to be the best speed deterrents no matter how accustomed a driver gets to these. It is a fact that enforcing traffic rules or occasional traffic enforcement can change the people’s behaviour for a while but these are often forgotten with time. One can conveniently ignore the traffic signs and traffic rules but one definitely cannot ignore the roads beneath them. Even if you drive over a speed hump for the hundredth time, they create the same discomfort they did the first time. Known for the ease with which they can be installed on existing surfaces, installing speed humps in Sydney are the best speed deterrent options for traffic management

  • Speed Humps; An effective Traffic Management Tool:

Speed Humps act as deterrents in pedestrian zones thereby encouraging safe driving. They are especially effective when traffic and pedestrians need to share a common space. They have lower installation costs, lesser set up times, and need lesser planning than other traffic calming methods such as roundabouts and one-way streets. As such these Speed Humps in Sydney simply stand out as Road Safety Superstars.

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