If one feels that they need some help in order to channelize their desires then they are certain ways to get help from. A relationship can get ruined when one has a disturbed sex life and most people tend not to talk about it and try to remain silent. But this is totally wrong. One can always come out and discuss their sex issues with the doctors who specialises in this.

There are many sexologists in Navi Mumbai to whom one can go for help when they suffer from certain issues.

  • If one is facing very low sex drive, then they are bound to avoid physical intimacies with their partners. This can happen due to a lot of reasons like due to intake of certain medications, hormonal changes, fatigue and stress. But if low sex drive becomes a persistent problem in one’s life, then discussing it with a sexologist is a must.
  • In some cases people also suffer from intense sexual behaviour. They can also have certain strange fantasies and urges. This can be associated with some psychological issues as well. When this happens, it can lead to a great distress in both personal and social life. So, one needs to visit a sexologist to get it treated properly.
  • There are certain physiological problems which can actually lower the sex drive in an individual and they fail to perform in bed. In case of men, the most common thing that they suffer from is erectile dysfunction along with other issues like inability to penetrate and premature ejaculations. These can be easily treated with medications and when one visits a sexologist then one can get to know their actual condition and the doctor can go for treatment after they diagnose the root cause of the problem. Women can face issues like vaginal dryness, vaginal trauma and other issues that needs to be treated.
  • Sometimes it so happens that one’s sexual desire does not match with their partner’s and some issues and problems surface from that. So, as a couple they need to communicate well on that ground and if they cannot solve it together, then they need to visit a sexologist.
  • If one is always pre occupied with some sexual thoughts then the performance and functions of one always get affected and this needs immediate treatment from a sexologist.
  • There can be a possibility that some feel guilty of having sex. This can happen because of bad sexual experiences in the past or due to child abuse. Only a good therapy session with a sexologist can help.
  • One also needs to visit a sexologist if they are unable to get orgasms. This is more common in women as compared to men. In fact orgasm and ejaculation are associated with each other. If one cannot get orgasm then they need to seek some medical attentions.

These are the major reasons that one should go to a sexologist and get properly treated due to the issues that they are facing.


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