Reasons to use bunded tanks for fuel storage

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If you are managing any operation, you would look at several ways to improve efficiency. Mostly it includes working around finance and safety. While managing a fleet or similar operations which include fuel operations, storing fuel efficiently and safely can also improve overall operations. You can pick one from the range of self bunded fuel tanks for sale. This‘tank within a tank’ is designed to store fuel. In other words, this fuel storage tank has an additional protective layer (bund layer) on the outside to provide the safest storage to its content. The outer layer is designed in a way that it can store the entire inner content. This prevents spillage of the fuel even if there is a leakage in the inner tank. This simple two-tank concept has made the bunded tanks the most sought tanks for fuel storage. Here are some compelling promoters for using bunded fuel tanks.

  • Compliance to the industry

Fuels are hazardous to the environment which is why there are stern rules regarding the storage of the fuel. According to the industry standards, fuel should be stored in containers that comply with the defined structural integrity. These containers should be strong enough to hold the fuel safely. Any container that is used to store more than 200 liters of fuel should be bunded.

  • Huge capacity

Bunded tanks offer amazing fuel storage capacity. You can find a bunded tank for storing more than a hundred thousand liters of fuel. These tanks are also available in customized designs. You can find a tank according to your specifications related to size, shape, gantry, or walkways, etc. These tanks are available in different material allowing you to choose according to your needs and budget. You can also order a tank with a split compartment. These are efficient for storing two types of fuels in one bunded tank safely.

  • Environment protection

Most fuels can have a detrimental effect on the environment. Spillage of the fuel can be dangerous for the surrounding environment and nearby habitats including the people working in the storage area. Bunded tanks are great in preventing spillage and avert the direct contact of fuel with the environment.

  • Future-Proofing the fuel

While running a business you would want efficient spending of the capital. Acquiring fuel in bulk and storing it for future usage can save plenty of money. It also ensures the smooth and uninterrupted running of your business with a constant supply of fuel. Your operations will not suffer from a shortage of fuel owing to the additional storage. Bunded fuel tanks are a smart investment as they are excellent to store fuel safely for a longer period and save a considerable amount in operations.

  • Protection from theft

Fuel is valuable for many businesses which is why it is also likely to be stolen. People in the industry are aware of many cases of fuel theft. A bunded tank that has an additional layer makes it very difficult to penetrate and reach the inner compartment and prevent thefts.

  • Flexibility

Bunded tanks are easy to transport. If your business involves moving fuel tanks or you are shifting your business, bunded tanks are an easy and safe way to transport your fuel. It also makes fuel storage easier for hard-to-reach areas.