The dangers of the internet spare no one, whether individual users or businesses. The most ruthless means of hacking include viruses like a trojan horse, malware like ransomware and its variants, and phishing and spear phishing scams. Malware, in particular, favors the odds of hacking because they remain hidden and can spread quickly from one network to the other in no time. In fact, a scary survey by Insurer Hiscox indicates that companies that do not have a response security team to deal with a security breach are most likely to face damage that irreversible. Therefore, adopting techniques to deal with an emergency situation after a security breach is just as important as adopting strategies to prevent one in the first hand. The guide below will take you through the benefits of preventive strategies as well as the benefits of a quick response time post hacking.

Why Use Cybersecurity Strategies At All?

Different surveys reveal that a specific type of internet threat known as drive-by is affecting businesses and individual users globally. It is because unethical hackers corrupt the HTTP code of a website that still looks genuine. When users click on such websites, they are hacked. The most powerful way to detect such threats is by checking the last bits of the HTTP code to find out what page you’ll be redirected to. Apart from this, the other strategies to avoid suffering a security breach include the following.

  • Install a firewall and antivirus software to protect your network system from internet threats like malware, DDoS, and even drive-by
  • Enable plugins since they can give out an immediate warning against malicious websites. It also reduces the risk of falling at the hands of a security breach caused by drive-by
  • Install software updates and lock the entry to your IoT devices with a strong backdoor password. Having a weak password is just as useless as having the default one
  • Divide the company’s information and store it in different networks. If hackers are able to melt all security layers to break into a network, they’ll still not be able to access other pieces of the info stored in other networks. It is because all networks – when you adopt the network segmentation technique – remain independent of each other  
  • Use all reliable means to inform the security team and employees as soon as the company suffers from a security breach. Quick response time is crucial in minimizing the damage. The security team is able to back-up the hacked details and possibly prevent the spread of malware before the damage becomes irreversible    
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