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Next Post. The level of control you exert over your followers also takes you to a new level: you can order individuals or groups to perform certain tasks like gathering resources, constructing buildings, or attacking your enemies. On maps where there is no fog of war, players can see what opponents are doing at any time. Master of Orion 4. Game review Downloads Screenshots

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Dec 11,  · Populous The Beginning Download Overview. Populous The Beginning Download Free Full Game is a strategyand god-style computer game. It is the third section in the Populous computer game arrangement, created by Bullfrog Productions The PC variant of the game was delivered November 30, and a Play Station version was later evolved and delivered on April 2, . Populous: The Beginning, free and safe download. Populous: The Beginning latest version: A brilliant strategy building and fighting game. Use your god. Download Populous: The Beginning for Windows now from Softonic: % safe and virus free. More than downloads this month. Download Populous: The B9/10(34).


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Populus the Beginning is not the kind of game many people expected when they heard that we were getting a third game in the series. Rather than follow on from Populus 2 as a god sim, this game took the series in a very interesting and new direction. I can see why those who wanted a Populus 3 were disappointed, but there is something very charming about this game and it is one of the more forgotten real time strategy games from the late 90s.

This time around instead of playing as a god, you play as a Shaman and you are trying to become a god. As you would expect from a game from Bullfrog Studios, Populus the Beginning has a real tongue in cheek style of humor and it is great. The gameplay is very much that of a real time strategy game. You play as a shaman and need to get people to follow you. Once you have followers, you can then start to get them to do stuff for you.

This ranges from building things to fighting and even recruiting. Wood is very plentiful in the game so you do not have to worry about that. If you want to have followers become fighters or priests for example you have to make it happen. You do this by putting them in the right place. For example, you put a follower in the barracks, they will become a warrior.

When they change and become a certain type of unit, they can no longer build stuff so that is something to consider if you only have a few followers at the start.

There is not exactly a ton of units in the game, but there is so much personality here that it does not affect the fun facto of Populus the Beginning. While it is fun to use your followers to wage war on new tribes that you come across.

Playing as a shaman means you also have magical abilities yourself. These are really fun to use with my favorites being the one where you send in a plague of insects and you then see the little people freaking out and running around. I also like the lightning you can cast down which then makes them soothe their burnt butts. The overall gameplay I feel is very simple, but that is what I like. I can see why some may think it is too simple, especially considering how in-depth the other games were.

At the time it was released, Populus the Beginning was a great looking game and a huge leap over what had come before it. While the followers are 2D sprites, you can move the camera around any way you want, you can zoom in and so on so you can get a great view of the action. I love the visuals of the game and feel it helps with the overall personality. I can see why when it was released this game got a bit of a mixed reception. It was a drastic departure from what people expected from a game with the Populus name.

However, I still stand by this and say that Populus the Beginning is a fun time. It may be basic in comparison to what we have with modern real time strategy games, but I have always had a good time when I have played this. The second of our two Bullfrog games this month is Populous: The Beginning, which takes the Star Wars route of being the prequel to its predecessors, despite being the third in the series.

The Beginning feels much more like a real-time strategy title than the the previous games. The god-game idea is still there, although this time you have an earthly incarnation in the form of a magical female Shaman and the theme is more to do with manipulating people than the landscape though you can still have some giant mystical bulldozing fun.

Through Little Miss Shaman you strive for a godlike status by bolstering your own tribe to become little fuzzy battle machines, then waging war against lots of other tribes that get in your way in order to conquer different areas. The 3D engine is nowhere near as tasty as it was when the game was first released, but nevertheless the game is still smooth and fun to play, especially the spells, which range from the simple such as Create Bridge, to full, apocalypse-style raining fireballs and spontaneous volcanic eruptions.

The general gaming premise hasn’t weathered the years as well as the Dungeon Keeper and Theme Hospital games, simply because the RTS genre has since produced many similar titles, but it’s still cheap and cheerful fun.

Your main opposition comes from yellow balloons. Warriors are useless against these high-altitude attacks, so place fire warriors in guard towers, then use the shaman to zap the balloon occupants with lightning. When they are empty, steal them and attack the other tribes. There are three stone heads on this world.

Two are within easy reach of your followers. The first, and closest to your reincarnation site, has a single-shot volcano spell. The enemy shaman frazzles any of your followers who I try to worship this stone, so proceed with extreme caution.

The last, on a I separate island, contains a f firestorm spell. You start this world with little land to build on and three tribes attacking. The yellow tribe, camped on an island away from the other tribes, launch ocean assaults. The red tribe, camped beyond the mountains, send spies and raiding parties. And the green tribe, on the plateau above, rain spells down upon you. Force their shaman away from the cliffs to stop this.

The red tribe guardaVoK containing the firestorm spell. Also, near their settlement is a stone head with a single-shot earthquake spell. The green tribe’s VoK hides the flatten spell, and a stone head on the beach near their settlement contains the angel of death.

The yellow tribe guard a VoK containing the shield spell. You must assert yourself quickly in this world, or you won’t last five minutes. Attack the reds first – their incessant raids are a nuisance but, more importantly, they guard the firestorm spell, a most desirable weapon.

Hold back the yellow tribe with preachers and fire warriors in guard towers. The green tribe can’t reach you, so they pose little threat, but their sporadic lightning attacks can be annoying. Use the angel of death on this lot, which keeps them occupied while you concentrate on more pressing matters.

This third ‘special’ world sees our shaman bang to rights, spell-less and helpless. She must escape her prison before time runs out. Once your population is growing steadily, send three or four braves to build boats. Fill a boat with warriors and sail them to the three guard towers guarding the entrance to the enemy island.

Touch down near one of the side towers and send your warriors to attack. The enemy fire warrior inside blasts your men, but they can take it. Eventually, they dismantle the towers. Put your warriors back in the boat and repeat this tactic on the other two towers. Once completed, sail them into the little bay just inside enemy territory and wait.

Meanwhile, back home, train up a variety of aggressive followers and place them in boats. Ferry them to the aforementioned bay and land away from the main enemy stronghold. Pitch preacher against preacher, and warriors against guard towers.

When the enemy is overwhelmed, select as many followers as possible and left-click on the prison to free the shaman. Now command her to pray at the obelisk for a volcano. Cast the volcano into the valley to decimate the enemy. Bloodlust is a ‘guest’ spell, available only on this world and found within two stone heads.

The first head is near the borders of your territory, the second is by the green settlement and is better because it contains infinite shots.

The head on the island in the middle of a lake contains an angel of death spell. Set up guards quickly to protect against the red and yellow tribes. Use high land to build more solid defences.

Both yellow and green use balloons, so fire warriors should be used in abundance. Casting swamp in front of enemy settlements provides a cunning defence too. The armageddon spell is in the stone head in the centre of the island. Unfortunately, three other tribes are vying for the same prize, and they’ve already built their settlements – tricky.

But all is not lost. These tribes are intent on scrapping among themselves, and thus slow each other down. A cunning trick Is to cast swamp on the stone head to swallow any enemy followers who attempt to worship there.

You can also use erode to estrange yourself from the enemy. Finally, only cast armageddon when you are sure of victory.

Train as many warriors as possible beforehand to give you the best chance in the arena. There are three stone heads on this world, each guarded by a different tribe. The nearest head is guarded by the red tribe and contains an armageddon spell. The yellow and green tribes each guard a single volcano spell.

Initially, the adjacent reds pose the biggest threat. The yellow and green tribes use boats to attack, and the green tribe even have the audacity to use landbridge to invade near your reincarnation site. They could do this at any time, so stay alert. Ultimately, armageddon is the way to victory.

On this world, you are allied with the yellow tribe. The red tribe soon begin attacking your buddies and it’s up to you to protect them. If they are destroyed, you lose. Because of the lack of land, you must use landbridge to create more.

Erect a guard tower by your reincarnation site, go inside, and cast landbridge to the yellow base. The shaman can then wander over to help.