Pearls – A Greatest Miracle of Nature and Its Interesting History

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Pearls are unique and beautiful. We all know that other gemstones like diamonds need extra cutting, polishing and finishing whereas pearls don’t need all that. In fact, they look shiny by nature. This is one of the reasons why pearls are considered as the most valuable gemstones when compared to all other gemstones. A pearl is also the most recognized gemstone since centuries.

Pearls are considered as the symbol of love and purity by many people in this world. This is the reason why most of the people generally gift pearl jewelry to their better half to show their love and care towards them. Gift a simple pearl ring or a pendant when you take your girl for a date to express your love towards her. No doubt, your girl will definitely love your surprise.

Where can I find some lovely pearl jewelry?

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Pearls History

History says that the first pearl was found many years ago when people were searching for food on the seashore. People fell in love with the beauty of pearls and started searching more for them. It might be quite surprising to hear this but the ancient Egyptians are so much in love with pearls that their bodies were buried with them after their death.

Ancient Egyptians had a strong belief that wearing pearl jewelry can protect them from negative energy. Tribal Indians believe that pearls were the tears of God. Hence, they value pearls a lot.

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