Next Base – We Rent An Apartment In Singapore

I brought up the topic when my girlfriend and I were kissing each other in my car. We finished watching a horror movie at my place, so I went out of my way to drive her back to hers. But before she could even open the car door, she kissed me. I naturally kissed back, and we were like that for a while until I pulled away to speak. ‘Do you want to take this relationship a step further?’ I asked. It took her some time to reply, but she eventually said: ‘You mean in a short term apartment rental kind of way or a marriage kind of way?’

I thought her response was hilarious, so I laughed first. She whined at this reaction and playfully slapped my arm before demanding clarification. I eventually stopped laughing and elaborated on what I meant. I actually asked her that because I’ve been thinking of moving in together. We can rent an apartment in Singapore and live there. It may seem like such a bold step before marriage, but we’ve been at this for five years now. Since we’re two working adults, it just seemed natural that the next thing we should do is live together. If we kept going to each other’s places like this just to hang out, it felt like we were teenagers.

The Plan

She tapped her chin and leaned back into the car seat as she thought my proposal over. ‘You don’t have to agree with it,’ I added, just to make sure that she knew she wasn’t obliged to accept the offer. I was okay with either, but I still felt it was necessary to voice out what I’ve been thinking about. After a while, she finally gave me a reply. ‘What about we do a test run then?’ she suggested, which caused me to tilt my head in confusion. She noticed that I didn’t seem to understand, so she explained that we could get an apartment for rent in Singapore that was short term. ‘There are some serviced apartments that can be rented for a week,’ she told me, ‘so we can try that and see how it feels, no?’

Putting The Plan Into Action

I liked her idea. I liked it so much that I immediately searched for a serviced apartment online the moment I got back home that night. With every search result I found, I sent all of them to my girlfriend. After a week of talking, deciding, and preparing, the day we’d been waiting for finally came. The service apartment in SG that we rented had a gorgeous interior design. Although it would last for only a week, the set-up still felt like we were a couple living together. Every morning I’d wake up to her sleeping right next to me. The feeling in my chest whenever I saw her sleeping face was indescribable. Then there’d be times I’d cook for her while she tended to some work on her laptop. At night, we’d watch movies or shows while cuddling on the couch. Instead of driving her home after, all we had to do was go to our bed together.

The experience was heavenly. It was no surprise that the results of our test run just proved that we were ready for the real thing.

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