Generally, we are accustomed to going. Quick and incensed, forward—and out of nowhere, we should stop to secure our helpless populations. A large number of us are uncomfortable and uncertain as we ought to be. We have all been affected by this virus and, we are all pulling together to fight, prevent and recuperate.

With things on the planet so totally open to question thus much changing continuously, we should attempt to take a break from overwhelm and rather search for opportunities. This is a great time to reexamine a portion of the things your business is (or ought to be) doing and the future you are making at the present time.

Here are four things to put into consideration as you market and reposition your business in the COVID-19 age.

#1. Be responsive, not reactive.

Try as much as possible to responsive in this COVID 19 age and not reactive.

One of the first signs was getting a barrage of emails from all sorts of businesses telling us they were busy cleaning and making sure no one with flu-like symptoms resume work.

The truth is, these emails didn’t bring any more trust or relationship-building…. They just highlighted how many business were forced to make decisions based on knee-jerk reactions rather than out of genuine concern for and understanding of their prospect’s current experience.

#2. You’re talking to the same potential customer, but their immediate needs have DEFINITELY shifted

For instance, instead of trying to scale their business or product, your potential customers might now be far more concerned with how to keep it afloat.

Instead of figuring out how to successfully pitch in-person events, your potential client might now be wondering where she can get the same kind of visibility and traction online.

Selling some sort of system? How relieving for your prospect to know what comes first, what comes next, and what they’ll walk away with at the end.

#3. Consistency is KING.

There is so much value in remaining known, seen or visible when everything around us is shape-shifting like the world’s craftiest boggart. Sure, you may have to learn some new tools (Instagram/Facebook Live, Zoom, but the consistency in working with these new tools is the key. Hold on to what work works for you, arrive early, and don’t stop offering things that align with your area of specialization.

#4. This too shall pass

There were 0 new COVID-19 cases recorded in Wuhan a few days ago.

So this will surely end, maybe through isolation measures, herd immunity, or a vaccine. And yes, things probably won’t go 100% back to normal, but rest assured that we humans are incredibly good at adapting to change and generally finding ways to make things work.

So, if you want to keep marketing in these strange times, continue with what you are good at, but adapt and align to your audience’s current needs and reality.

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