It’s safe to say that any one of these time-tested ant solutions from sticky tape to vinegar will get rid of ants once and for all.So inventive ways to keep ants out of your house .

Tape for Adhesion

There may be an army of ants approaching on your cookie jar or any other food item that you keep in your pantry, so be sure to keep an eye out for them. You may use nothing but tape to clear your home of an infestation of ants. Tape an adhesive or duct tape “moat” around the object, making sure the sticky side is facing up. Duct tape’s adaptability makes it a good idea to have some on hand even if you don’t have ants. The fact that ants can detect the presence of breadcrumbs on your floor has always intrigued.


If you’re sick of living with cockroaches and ants, you may spray boric acid into any gaps or crevices you’ve seen the pests in order to get rid of them for good. This will eliminate the pests and keep them from returning. Inject the powder into hard-to-reach regions and any deep cavities you come across with the use of a basting brush. Boric acid may be dangerous if taken by animals or children under the age of eighteen months.

Chalk Here’s another great example of how to get rid of ants: Your home’s entryways may be protected by drawing a line around their perimeter. The shells of numerous marine species are broken up and crushed into calcium carbonate, which is found in chalk. As a consequence, the ants will be driven away by the calcium carbonate. Sprinkle powdered chalk around your garden’s plants to deter ants and slugs. Find out how to finally get rid of those bothersome bedbugs by reading on.

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If you’re fed up with getting stung by fire ants in your yard or on your patio, you may be able to get rid of them with the help of a flowerpot. Place the flowerpot on top of the anthill by turning it on its side. The house will be destroyed if you pour boiling water through the drain hole on the floor.


You don’t need any pesticides or traps to keep ants out of your kitchen. Lemons have a power well beyond what most people are aware of, therefore utilise them whenever possible. Lemons may be used to get rid of ants in a variety of methods, including: Spray some lemon juice on door thresholds and window sills using a spray bottle to get things started. The next step is to apply lemon juice to any holes or cracks that the ants have discovered to enter your property. Finally, sprinkle a few thin pieces of lemon peel all around the exterior entrance. Because of this, the ants will understand that they are not welcome in the area. Flushing your floors with this solution will chase away any pesky insects. Lemons are great for more than just killing fleas and cockroaches; they can also be used to kill lice and other parasites that may be lurking about your home. They loathe the nauseating smell.

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