Major Reasons to Consider Malta Residency

The island of Malta is located in the middle of the Mediterranean Sea and has gotten a good reputation due to its splendid weather, friendly people, low crime rate and excellent quality of life. Moreover, the country also has an attractive Residency program, which has also added to the appeal. But, why should you consider applying for it? There are several reasons to consider getting residency in Malta. Want to know what they are? Take a look below:

  • Language

Malta has two official languages; English and Maltese. As UK has now left the European Union, it means that Malta is now the only country where English remains the official language. This is a huge benefit to families and businesses wanting to relocate, as they won’t have to worry about a language barrier.

  • Developing industries

The financial and fintech sectors of Malta are also very strong and this means that there is a lot of scope for growth in the future. A Malta residency can be a good career move because the country is moving forward and developing quickly, where the crypto, blockchain and aviation sectors are concerned.

  • Property market

The Maltese economy has a stable outlook, a projected growth of 5.4% in its GDP in 2021 and top rating. This makes Malta extremely attractive for business and the property prices in the country grow every year. Malta is a stable place for people to live, whether it is capital investment, residential home or buy-to-let.

  • Education

Malta took its inspiration from the British educational system and there are a number of schools and universities, including public, private and international options in the country. Hence, parents will be able to provide their children with the best foundation they need for achieving success in the future due to the education they receive.