Main Peculiarities, Pros and Cons of FTL and LTL Freight Services

It’s possible to pick up the most convenient ways of freight transportation for tour business. The full truckload option is the best variant for shipping large cargoes for long distances. Less than truckload option allows you to save money and enjoy lots of additional services.

FTL vs LTL: How to Make the Right Choice

It’s undeniable that tracking and coordinating all ongoing and outgoing shipments is of prime importance for your business. To maintain an uninterrupted production process, it’s necessary to set a stable functioning of the supply chain. It’s also necessary to create an extended distribution network. Otherwise, you risk losing your clients. The best way to solve these tasks is to use reliable and efficient freight forwarding services.

There are lots of options provided by logistics companies. It’s possible to pick up the most appropriate variant to meet the needs and expectations of your enterprise.
2 main types of freight transportation include FTL or full truckload and LTL less than truckload variations. Both of them have significant pros and cons. To make the right choice, you should clearly realize what the difference is between these types of freight forwarding.

FTL: Prime Features

If you are an owner of a large concern that deals with tons of cargo every day, the main aspect you should consider is the ability to transport high volumes of goods.
The full truckload model implies that the whole van is dedicated entirely to your cargo. As a rule, FTL shipments usually involve more than 10 pallets and more than 15,000 pounds. You can’t but appreciate the following advantages of this type of transportation:

  • No additional stops.
    The freight forwarders should transfer only your cargo. It is to be picked up at one point and delivered to the final destination. The truck is not to be loaded with extra parcels on its way;
  • It’s faster.
    As there is no need to stop for additional uploading or downloading during the transportation, you can count on fast delivery of your goods. Moreover, shipping companies tend to make up the most optimal routes to complete an order as fast as possible;
  • It’s secure.
    Your products are uploaded at the warehouse and then, it’s downloaded at the destination point. It means that the risks to damage or lose some items on the way are minimal.

LTL: Important Aspects
If you deal with small amounts of products, it’s not effective to rent the whole semi-trailer truck. It’s better to use a less-than-truck option. It has the following pros:

  • You save money.
    The whole price is divided between several parts. You should pay only for the weight of your freight;
  • It’s easier to track your shipments.
    You can simplify planning for receipt of shipments, inventory levels, and manufacturing workflows without effort;
  • It’s possible to experience additional services.
    The options of the lift gate, notifications before the delivery, inside pick-up and delivery, freeze protection, or special handling are only a few of the useful options that make the transportation process as convenient as possible.

No matter, whether you choose FTL or LTL freight transportation, the same types of trucks are used. Depending on the peculiarities of the cargo, such variants as flatbed, box, or refrigerated models are used.

So, no matter how large your business is, it’s always possible to find perfect shipping solutions. They are to boost the development of the brand, as well as increasing the number of your clients.