Currently, most CBD packaging products are unpacked and as a result the aesthetic aspect of the packaging is integrated into the complex notion of food quality. The visual sensations caused by a package lead to an approval or a rejection of the product, in totality. As a result, the packaging, in addition to the functions of protection and preservation, ease of transport, storage and sale, acquires the function of sales promotion, being the connecting element between consumer and product.

Different Types of CBD Packaging

Foldable packaging has a construction and characteristics that allow its restriction to a minimum volume and rendering the corresponding shape, the maximum volume by folding, respectively unfolding. Choosing the Custom E-cigrette boxes is most essential here.

Portable packaging provided with devices to be worn manually.

Presentation packaging is a sales packaging that is used, at the same time, to present the product, to advertise and to attract the consumer’s attention.

Reusable packaging intended for repeated use when delivering one or more types of products.

Rigid packaging that does not change its shape and dimensions when filling or after emptying.

Semi-rigid packaging that changes its shape and dimensions when filling or after emptying, to a small extent.

Stackable packaging has construction and features that allow its placement in a stable stack, by overlapping identical packaging.

Skin packaging consists of a tray (made of molded cellulose, polystyrene, etc.) containing the packaged product, wrapped in heat-shrinkable foil.

Transport packaging constructed in such a way as to fulfill its functions as an independent transport unit or as part of a palletized or containerized transport unit.

General purpose packaging allows its use in the packaging of different types of products.

Packaging for special use specially made for its use in special conditions of transport and sale, or for the packaging of a certain product with specific characteristics. Using the Custom E-cigrette boxes is most essential there.

Benefits of Aesthetic packaging

The aesthetics of the packaging help the buyer, giving him the opportunity to differentiate according to his taste. Aesthetic packaging challenges the buyer, the sense of trust and hygiene for the goods presented. At the same time, it is a means of advertising, being able to popularize popular creation, local folk aspects, etc. an important role is played by the quality of presentation in promoting the export of products, the aesthetics of packaging being a concern of export marketing. The process of CBD branding comes up perfect in this case.

The aesthetic elements that determine the quality of a package are the shape, color and graphics. The shape of the packaging is influenced both by the constructive and technological particularities, as well as by the possibility of using the material.

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