It’s safe to say that everyone wants to be successful in life, but everyone has different ways to achieve it. Some find success in their careers, while others find their calling in having substantial wealth. Whichever the case may be for you, you can significantly benefit from hearing about successful people in their own right.

Dan Lok and his financial mentor, Dan Peña, who is known as the 50 billion dollar man, share on one interview what investments the rich people invest in that the poor people don’t. These investments are crucial in finding out how you can make better money decisions. This Landmark Financial Seoul review will show the secrets that these great men have. Let’s find out!

The Gap

In the busy world, people live amid technology, and entrepreneurs can raise capital and delay the process. Rich people can push through a certain level of success and even grow and de-capital at certain a certain point. Is this the reason why there’s a gap?


For the last ten years, hedge funds hit return and, for the first time, under-performed in market industries. So, a fund may go third to go bankrupt, a third to break even, and a third to make money such as investing in Uber, Facebook, and other digital company out of the hundred percent. 

No Shortage of Money 

There’s no shortage of money. It’s just that rich people don’t want to raise the returns they’ll get in the bank because they’ll only be equivalent to nothing, as what Landmark Financial Seoul Review also agrees. So what they do is to invest their money for higher returns, such as rental capitals. These investments eventually generate more income; then, the rich can continue earning more.

Who Controls the Money

Rich people who control 80 percent of the money on the planet always want a higher return, so people who deposit their money in the bank are usually poor people who want to secure their future. And what rich people do is to use their money as capital to gain higher returns. 


Dan says that for every dollar an average person deposits in the bank, the rich people can lend it out 20 to 40 times, depending on the balance sheet’s leverage. That’s a lot of money that the rich can use to invest further.

Trump Changed the Lending Practices 

Even if a Donald Trump re-election won’t happen, Dan said that he already changed the world, as evident in South Africa. Also, financial experts know that in 17 nos, there will be one yes. Persistent people are resilient and are thick skin who can take rejection and find great deals. Regardless of the result of the presidency, he will find a way to become richer.


According to the Landmark Financial Seoul review, wealthy people invest in rental capitals for higher gains while people deposit their money in the bank, which doesn’t yield profitable returns. And that’s the big difference between the two, and why rich people become more affluent and poor people become more miserable.


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