Divorce may seem like a stressful, expensive, and complicated process, but it doesn’t have to be. Wisconsin has one of the highest rates of divorce in the nation. One of the factors is due to workaholism: people who are addicted to working and neglect their personal lives. But there is a common ground for workaholism in Wisconsin: 

Workaholics often suffer from low self-esteem which leads them to need constant validation from others through long hours and high productivity at work. This may affect their family lives drastically. If your partner’s workaholism has started to affect your daily life and mental health, it is better to consult a divorce attorney in Wisconsin and seek the path of divorce.

Family lawyers emphasize the importance of communication in personal relationships and extended family. If you and your partner have a joint business interest, it is important for both of you to be aware of what is happening at work so that you can keep away from unnecessary conflicts. For example, if your partner keeps working overtime on weekends and neglects you, it is important to talk about it.

How Does Workaholism Affect Marriage?

When a person is living with a workaholic, it is not just that person who will suffer from the consequences. The partner and the children of such people are also affected.

Keeping a job 24/7 can take a toll on your personal life and relationships – whether you’re married, single, or dating. Workaholics often face marital problems and fail to keep their marriages healthy, since they do not have time to spend on their partners or children. Sometimes, they end up neglecting other relationships such as friendships as well.

Workaholics are more likely than others to experience stress, anxiety, and depression that can lead to substance abuse problems too. If you think that your partner is suffering from a mental health issue, you should seek professional help for them.

The National Institute of Health describes workaholics as people who work excessively and compulsively, which means that they are not able to control their urge to complete tasks or projects well and on time. While most people take pride in their jobs and finish the tasks assigned to them in a timely manner, for workaholics, it becomes more than just an assignment.

Workaholism is a type of addiction; some people get addicted to alcohol or drugs but this might be the first time we’ve heard about work being addictive.

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