Today, people depend on the local directories to decide where to spend money and time. On Yelp, they gain information about the best Thai restaurant. To find activities and accommodations they turn to TripAdvisor. Apple Maps and Google Maps are used to connect with local businesses. Therefore, it is crucial to enlist your offline business on relevant and many business directories.

What is local listing management?

Business advertising on a plethora of online directories is valuable. A local listing includes company name, address, and phone details [NAP]. Some directories even include important data like product descriptions, images, opening hours, payment mode, etc. There are endless local businesses directories but ensure to focus on large directories. It is a challenge to claim and maintain multiple online business listings but it can be handled with appropriate tools. 

Importance of local listing management

More than 82% of people use mobile devices to perform ‘near me’ searches. It is an appealing statistic, which businesses need to consider seriously, to capture the local searches. 


Accurate listings enhance the search result ranking, while a tiny error in the listings can dent your SEO efforts. Search engines rely on listing data consistency to offer correct results for local searches. A discrepancy in the listing data creates a feeling of mistrust and search engines will ignore to rank your business. Another issue is that you can be listed by a 3rd party without your knowledge. 

Brand visibility

Local listing management helps to enhance brand awareness. The more your business is listed the more website traffic and foot traffic you can acquire. According to a survey, 50% of local searches on smartphones visited the brick & mortar facility within a day. 

Directory optimization helps to capture sales originating from the local searches. The local market is highly competitive, so it is essential to stand out and stay ahead, which is not possible if you ignore directory submissions.

Customer experience

Business moving or address change needs to be updated on the directories you are listed. Changes in any element related to listings must be updated, so that possible customers acquire an optimistic experience in finding your location and other business details. 

If the free business directory Australia is managed properly on Bleen, then your businesses gain more visibility as well as promotional opportunities. Local listing management handles the data. Many things can go haywire while building a listing strategy. 

Common listing errors to avoid

Partial listing details 

You Google a new Chinese restaurant in Sydney that your friend recommended but they are not present on any review sites. Their Yelp profile is incomplete and there are virtually no details about menus or hours available. Partial listing details make your business appear less reliable than those with readily available information. 

Duplicate listings

It happens when a business changes major elements like name, hours, location, phone number, etc. Several businesses create new listings rather than updating the current ones, which damages their SEO. Therefore, avoid duplicate listings for better user experience and ranking. 

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