How To Overcome The Fear Of Undertaking Something New?

The impostor syndrome, or rather be overcome by the imposter that we all carry inside because this subject of the imposter is something that not only happens to newbies. It happens to all of us. As we move forward and we encounter more difficult challenges, we always feel impostors.

This is a super exciting topic that has to do with a chronic disability in humans to value their contribution to the world fairly. We all tend to underestimate our participation in the market, and we underestimate the added value we can generate. First, we share our contents in the market sharing, and then with each client when we help them solve a problem. I usually tell my salesperson [พนักงานขาย, which is the term in Thai] that they can apply the pi factor.

What Is The Pi Factor?

It is a system that I recommend using when you have a new product or service and think about putting a price on it.

For example, maybe you decide to put a price of 1,000 dollars.

Without much thought, I already guarantee that what you just designed should not be worth those 1,000 dollars.

If not, it should have a value of 1,000 multiplied by the number pi, which is 3.14 and a lot of additional decimals.

With which, instead of selling at 1,000 dollars naturally, you could sell at 3,000 dollars.

With this, you would be much closer to the value you are creating in the market, which is not the price that you have set because we all tend to underestimate what we bring in the market. 

The Doubt Factor

This topic is especially interesting because it has to do with fears; you can decide to follow your worst demons.

You can decide to let these demons overcome yourself: and in this case, you would enter the market with super low rates, for example, at 100 dollars or 200 dollars.

There again you let yourself be overcome by the imposter that you carry inside and apply cheap rates.

Believing that it will be easy for you to sell, and in practice, it is not, then it will cost you three years of your life as a telesales operator (พนักงาน Telesale), to gradually raise your prices and your rate to the value that your service is worth.