The continent of Africa limitations is the southern half of the Mediterranean ocean. The Atlantic deep-sea is west of the Indian Ocean. Africa makes bigger well south of the Equator to face over 12 million square miles, creation Africa the globe’s second-biggest continent. Africa is as well the world’s most heavily populated continent. Africa is a varied place globally with a wide range of land, flora and fauna, and atmosphere. Africa is also house to some of the oldest sightings of human apparatus and maybe us map attractions guide  the oldest populace group in the globe in the San populace of Southern Africa.

Essential features of Africa map

Africa is measured to be the second main continent globally with an overall area of about 11 million square miles that explanation 6% of the earth’s exterior and 20% of the total outside of ground on our world. It has rich natural features and exciting history, thus creating a continent with some awe-inspiring biodiversity. Africa has a large amount more to it than shortage and apartheid, in support of which it is well, identified the globe over. Please click here the link Map of Africa

As much as the size is concerned with the populace Africa is the second biggest continent. Africa is packed with some of the environment most wonders; there is only some information about Africa given below that will assist you to recognize more about this attractive continent.

Interesting facts about Africa map

One of the most exciting details about Africa is that the duration and width of this country are about the same. Africa is not just the second main but the next most peopled continent. The Equator goes about 2,500 miles in the west to the east of the African country, thus isolating this continent into two-part divide north and south. It passes through several of the African nations.

The most significant fall in Africa is the Victoria waterfall, situated on the Zimbabwe and Zambia boundary. It has a tallness of 355 feet, and the size of the falls runs into about a mile. The biggest desert globally, the Sahara wasteland is also located in Africa, and its distance is at the smallest amount dozens countryside around 3.5 million open area miles. Madagascar is the largest desert island in the African country, and it is trickery just off the east coast of Africa. Africa’s withdrawal is famous, and the continent makes at least 60% of the gold’s and diamonds in the whole globe.

Historical of African plan

Beautifully planned, the map represents a high rank of 16th-century map creation; it shows Africa in a familiar shape, with an additional pointed southern peninsula. Madagascar shows the continent names of various towns down the coasts and in the centre, although great empty places begin to control there. No living thing or plant life is pointed out, but the mountain contains swordfish and a monster. Three boats in the lesser right are fixed in the smoke of battle.

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