Hp printers are of first-rate quality. They are trendy amongst their users. The work is seamless and very effective. Hp Deskjet 2652 wireless setup is not very complicated. The setup process is very systematic. You can consider 123 hp com dj3755 set up. It is very important to move step by step.

To achieve HP Deskjet 2652 wireless setup, you need to follow certain steps –

  1. Move to the printer’s control panel.
  2. Now check the Network menu. You can also use the wireless icon by touching it.

3.You should now look for the sign that implies wireless mode on the printer’s control panel.

  1. Wireless sign checking when finished, move to settings choice.
  2. 5. It is time to confirm the setup wizard for wireless setup.

At this point, you are ready to complete the HP Deskjet 2652 wireless setup. Now make the next moves according to the following instructions.

In the control panel of the printer, make sure that the wireless light blinks. And the light that indicates the power button activated must be bright. It is an essential step.

  1. On the off chance there is no blinking wireless light, you should press the Cancel button and the wireless button together for a time interval of about 3 seconds. If blinking is not restored, perform the step again.
  2. After step 2, you should get ready for software installation. It takes some time to get done. The feature of the HP automatic wireless connection would help in this process.
  3. The above steps can help you set up the HP printer wirelessly. But there are certain issues that you may come across during the setup. We would here look into such issues and the measures to follow.
  • Wifi not connected.

This is not a very rare situation. It happens most of the time. The Ho printer is not able to get connected to wifi. And you are confused about what went wrong! 


Firstly improper placement of the device should be avoided. You should try to eliminate interference as much as possible. The best solution is to reset again.

  • The printer is not connected.

You can experience this trouble too. Your printer may not respond to wifi or the computer. This implied a faulty connection. 


Recheck the setup. And to solve the issue, reset again.

  • Interference.

Interference is very trouble causing factor. We have discussed above that you should minimize it. Interference happens when the path of the wifi signal is interrupted by other electronic devices present in the path of the wifi signal.


During setup, avoid electronic devices crossing paths of wifi signals. You should connect the allowed number of devices only. Resetting can also solve this issue.

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Final words

The quality of HP printers is excellent. You can set up one wireless. The HP Deskjet 2652 wireless setup or 123 hp com dj3755 setup is not very complicated. But you should follow the steps correctly. Here we have tried to help you out with some easy to follow instructions. 

We have also mentioned some setup issues and their best possible solution.

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