How to Design a Room Conducive for Self-care

Your room should be perfect for your needs and wants, regardless of the size of the space you have. With clever storage hacks and smart utilization of space, you can design a room conducive to sleeping, resting, and caring for yourself.

Here’s how to design a room that works for you:

Position your bed near a window

A window is perfect for establishing the mood in the room. As morning light streams through, you will be motivated to get up and start your day on a positive note. Keeping the room dark and poorly lit will make it easy for you to feel isolated, and with all that’s happening in the outside world, that’s definitely not what you want to feel. If your room doesn’t have a window, give it a “window view” by putting up frames or a mural of an outdoor scene near the bed. You can also play around with LED lights in different colors so that you can change the mood just like how daylight coming through a window will change the look inside the room.

Display your favorite items

Whether it’s a rack of your favorite clothes to wear, your favorite pair of shoes, or posters of your favorite group or shows, allow yourself the freedom to put them on display. Your room should be functional, but it should also let you show your personality. Do this in a way that doesn’t take up floor space if your room is tight. Utilize the walls, using space-saving hanging areas, or invest in shelves you can hang from your door. A stowaway cart or foldable table can also be perfect for your favorite books or trinkets. Even the floors of your wardrobe can be used for posters.

Position your mirror where natural light is

Self-care isn’t just about spending hours mindlessly doing things you love. It’s also about building your confidence and embracing your personality as well as your physical appearance. You’ll find this is easier to do when you see yourself in good lighting, and that’s where natural light comes in. Choose a beautiful mirror so that you will feel good about yourself every time you see your reflection, but more importantly, give yourself the tools to see your best self. Check out eyebrow makeup for sale, cushion foundation, and even just a simple lip tint to enhance the beauty you already have.

Dance the day away

This year has been stressful, and while you’re doing your part to keep your family safe at home, you should not forget to have fun in the process. As you declutter your room to prepare for the new year, put on your favorite music and dance. This is a great way to get the body moving and put you in a good mood–all while getting rid of clutter in your room. When you’re in a good mood, you’ll find it easier to let go of items you don’t need anymore. On the contrary, if you’re in a sad, sentimental mood, you may be associating pockets of happiness to each old item you encounter, which makes it harder to let them go.

Self-care is not a one-and-done deal. It’s something you should put the effort in, so that you will have a better outlook in life and a better view of yourself. Start by changing up your room to encourage positive vibes to flow.