If you want to know how to attract customers to your e-commerce and consequently make more sales, today let’s talk a little bit about some techniques to attract the right audience to your business, aside using Kartra  Mail

You will also learn how to make sales every day until you reach your first 10 sales per day by following a simple and straightforward method.

Your online store does not sell? Are you setting up or researching about setting up an online store? Want to increase your sales? Want to attract customers to your store? This article will help you a lot.

How To Attract Customers 

Set a Realistic Plan and Goals

If you want to know how to attract customers, you need to set goals. Before organizing your online store goals, you need to set a realistic plan. You need achievable goals.

There is no point in setting an impossible and ambitious goal if you have not even made the first sale. You, who are starting your e-commerce, need to set some basic goals before you can focus on volume.

My suggestions are:

Make Your First Sale

The first base goal is to make your first sale. This is a milestone. An achievement that, while it may seem small, will give you the courage to move on.

Sell Every Day

After making the first sale, your goal is to be able to make at least 1 sale every day. This is when you have a validated business. A business that sells, that makes money every day. By doing that, things get a little “simpler”.

Now you need to identify where this buyer traffic is coming from and grow that audience. This is the logic behind how to attract customers in E-commerce, that’s why you should check Kartra campaigns to make this process easy. 

Focus Your Efforts On Selling

To teach you how to attract customers, I will assume that you have already done the basics. That is, have a good product portfolio, competitive prices, these things. If you are still unable to accomplish this basic, take a look at this article. He will help you a lot.

From now on, I will name a few points that need to be improved in your business to reach your 10 sales per day.

You need to go one by one to understand which ones connect with the current situation of your business.

Attract More Visits to the Online Store

How many people visit your Virtual Store a day? This is a basic question because if you are looking to generate sales and are not attracting at least 100 to 200 visits per day, this is the main reason for not being able to sell.

You Have To Know What Conversion Rate Is.

The average of virtual stores in Brazil is 0.5%. That is: for every 200 people who visit a virtual store, one makes the purchase. So, if a 0.5% conversion store attracts less than 200 visits a day, it probably won’t sell anything.

If this is your case, start here. You need to generate more visits to your store. Based on a minimum of 200 visits per day, this is your starting point.

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