How senior citizens can easily pay electric bills online


Electricity is one of our essential needs. We cannot lead our lives without electricity. As a result, we have to pay our electric bills monthly. There are two ways of paying electric bills.

  1. Offline method
  2. Online method
  • Offline method

This is the traditional way of paying electric bills. Someone from the electric office visits our house to check the meter. They give us the electric bill which states our monthly electric consumption and the amount we have to pay for it. Then we visit the electric office along with the bill and the money, stand in long queues to pay the bill. After the payment, we receive a receipt. Thus, our electric bills are paid offline. 

  • Online method

It is a new method of electric bill payment. Online is considered as the best electric bill payment option. We can pay the bill from our homes when we use an online payment method. There are several ways to pay electric bills online. Online payment makes everything easy and hassle-free.

Paying the electric bill by visiting the office directly takes a lot of time and energy. In our busy lives, we hardly have time for that. It becomes more difficult for senior citizens. They cannot travel and stand in long lines to pay their electric bill. That is why online is the preferred electric bill payment method for them. Thus, they can pay the monthly bills from their home.

How can senior citizens pay online electric bills easily?

Paying electric bills was never easier before. We can use several platforms to pay electric bills online. The process is very simple and quick. Within a few minutes, the bill will be paid, and you will get the receipt as proof of payment. Three ways of paying electric bills are given below;

  • Official website

Senior citizens can visit the official website of their electricity provider and make the payment online. They have to put their consumer Id and some other details to make the payment. Debit cards, credit cards, E-wallets, bank transfer, all can be used to make the payment.

  • Third-party app

Many third-party apps can be used to pay electric bills. Using them is very easy, so senior citizens will not face any difficulties. PayTM, PhonePe, Google Pay, FreeCharge, and others can be used to pay monthly electric bills. All the apps offer exciting discounts and cashback offers on each payment. You just have to use the right coupon code to activate the offer. Thus you save a lot of money on electric bill payment.

  • Airtel Payments Bank

It is the best electric bill payment platform. All transactions are very secure with Airtel Payments Bank. You have to make an account with them to enjoy their various cash benefits and discounts. One can also pay water bill online, DTH bills, landline bills, phone bills, and others using this bank.

Thus, the senior citizen can now easily pay electric bills online and enjoy uninterrupted power supply.