How Parking Lot Repair and Maintenance Can Save You Money?

Big shopping malls have huge parking lots that cover 80,000 square feet. When snow covers the parking lot, it will need to be removed. In the process of shoveling the snow, the sealant layer over the asphalt will be scraped off. The parking lot maintenance crew will then have to reapply the sealant to protect the surface. If the surface is left bare, cracks will start to form and with time there will be major holes on the surface which will need asphalt contractors in St Louis MO to fix and this will be more expensive. The mall, therefore, can save on expensive repair work by carrying out maintenance before it gets worse. This can save as much as $100,000.

When we talk about parking lot maintenance, we are referring to the different measures taken to ensure the longevity of the surface of the parking lot. The biggest percentage of parking lot maintenance St Louis MO is carried out on asphalt surfaces. The change in weather is a common cause of wear of these surfaces. Damaged parking lot surfaces are a safety hazard and can turn customers away from a place because of the unsafe lot.

There are a number of measures taken to ensure the parking lot is well maintained. The more common ones include:



The painted markings on the pavement wear off with time and they have to be repainted. Parking lot striping St Louis is necessary to ensure order.

Mending Cracks

Cracks can easily progress into wide gullies in the road if they are not filled up. Asphalt repair St Louis MO prevents water or even snow from getting into the cracks and degrading the pavement.

Surface Sealing

Asphalt sealing St Louis MO involves applying a special kind of treatment to the surface so that it is not easy for water to seep through and cause damage. This prolongs the life of the pavement.


After decades of use, the pavement will need more than just patching up. At this point it will be falling apart and will need to be reconstructed, there is no other option at this point.

Asphalt Reapplication

After some time the top layer of the pavement may need to be reapplied. Asphalt paving St Louis MO will involve removal of the old top layer and applying a new one which will last longer and maybe cheaper than reconstruction.


Sweeping is part of maintenance, it not only keeps the pavement clean, but it also helps the engineers get a clear picture of the condition of the pavement and identify areas that need attention. Parking lot crack sealing St Louis MO can be done after cleaning.

In conclusion, parking lot maintenance involves a lot of work to ensure that the surface looks good and is completely functional. Parking lot maintenance St Louis MO crews can save building owners from having to deal with expensive repair work by periodically taking care of minor issues and keeping the pavement aesthetically pleasing.