Old mattresses are such a headache. They take too much storage space and do not have any purpose left. Every day tonnes of mattresses end up in garbage sites and landfills. 

With too many new models of bed materials in the market, people keep buying new mattresses even before the old ones wear out. 

Here’s where  Recyc-Matelas and firms alike try to make a big difference. Let us find out how!

Mattress Recycling and donation programs

Today, so many companies like the  Recyc-Matelas are doing a great job by promoting alternate means of mattress disposals. Their recycling process involves extracting reusable materials from mattresses and selling them as raw materials. 

If you have a very old, worn-out mattress, taking up too much closet space, you have the option of recycling. While six million mattresses end up in landfills every year in Canada, you can do your small part by recycling. 

Either the fact that 95 percent of a mattress is recyclable goes unnoticed, or people do not want to take the effort to do it. 

Whatever the reason may be, these materials are getting thrown away or incinerated. Both are equally harmful to the environment!

Tomorrow’s sustainable future

People across the country opine on climate change reversal and sustainability. But, nobody is willing to contribute to it. Even with options to recycle, people prefer landfills and incineration for waste disposal. 

Donate for the less fortunate 

For those who can afford to change a mattress just because a new model is in town, please think of donating the old one. Usually, donating and recycling are the last things people would consider. They either try to store the mattress at home or get rid of it without any thoughts. 

But instead, you can donate your mattress to someone who is very much in need of it. While you may be able to get multiple mattresses as and when you wish, there exist people who cannot even afford one, EVER! 

So, donate if you like to know the joy of giving someone comforts they can only dream!

Concluding thoughts 

Take a look at the condition of your old mattress. If they are in usable condition, give them away for donation. But, please do not donate a worn-out, dirty-looking mattress. 

The purpose of donating a mattress is to let another person use it for some more time. It is not an avenue for you to discard your unusable old materials. So, if they are in bad condition, consider recycling them. 

You can reach out to companies that recycle mattresses. You can either take the mattress to the recycling center or ask the agents to collect it from your home. Either way, you are contributing to a sustainable world!

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