If you have a business with physical headquarters, applying a local SEO strategy is one of the best options to increase your online visibility and gain more traffic to your website. And to give an extra boost to this type of positioning, there is a trick that you must add to your task list: geolocate images.

Geolocate Images For Local SEO Step By Step

There are several options to geolocate photos; the GeoImgr website is better for its speed and efficiency. Once on the page, follow these instructions:

Indicate The Name Of Your Business

As it appears on your Google My Business tab (remember that it is important to be consistent), you must write your company name in the “Search Box” box. When it appears, select it.

It is worth noting that if your company is not in Google My Business, you will not be able to carry out this or any other Local SEO action. In case you have no idea how to do all this, you reach for a cheap SEO services [jasa seo murah which is the term in Indonesia] that can do it for you.

Add The Coordinates And The ALT To The Image

Press the “Write EXIF ​​Tags” button to label the image with the coordinates of your physical business. Once the coordinates are placed, it is very important that, before downloading the image, you place an appropriate ALT title in the “Document Name” field.

Please refrain from saving photos with names like «cover photo 1». Ideally, place an ALT title and, if possible, a physical location. 

Upload The Photo To The Web

When you have downloaded the image you want to geolocate, you must upload it to the web with the option «Drop photos here or click to upload.» 

Select the image where you have it saved and upload it. You will know that it is up because the bar will turn green.

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